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jmpgino 12-14-2019 17:21

Brave young girl with Pentax 67 and Cancer.
Well all of us should read this article. I for one know we all wish her the very best in her fight.


helenhill 12-14-2019 17:40

Heartbreaking and victorious

Both she and her brother had so much to endure, their journeys excruciating
Wonderful to see she was able to continue with Photography and her Creativity

charjohncarter 12-15-2019 07:04

When that happened to me I dropped the guitar; something I'd played almost daily for decades. 14 years on I think I would have done better if stuck to the guitar instead of worrying. Just carrying around a Pentax 67 takes your mind off your other problems. Good for her: wish her and her brother well.

raid 12-15-2019 07:34

I wish her and her brother all the best. A sad story with hope.

Ricoh 12-15-2019 08:07

A sad story mixed with hope and courage. The young lady has a presence on Twitter and shows photographic skill. Also, I note she graduated 2015 with an MSc in photography, so applause to her richly deserved.

Dogman 12-16-2019 04:15

Wonderful story.

HHPhoto 12-19-2019 01:36

Thanks for posting this!

All the best to her and her brother!

Cheers, Jan

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