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gerkshinobi 07-14-2010 17:53

Mamiya 7/7II with 43mm or 50mm?
I'm debating on a new lens purchase and currently have a Mamiya 7II with the 80 f/4. If any of you with the 43mm or the 50mm could post up some shots you've taken with them that would be great.

Also, any thoughts on the different lenses would be awesome as well. Thanks in advance!

coelacanth 07-14-2010 17:57

I'm very curious about this, too. Any inspiring photos with these lenses anyone??

nlubis 07-14-2010 18:33

I've only gotten my Mamiya 7 for the last couple of months. Some photos w/ the 43mm
(foreground cropped)

There are a couple of more photos in the set taken with lens as well.

jonmanjiro 07-15-2010 17:44

Can't go wrong with either. Take a look at this thread:


gerkshinobi 07-15-2010 23:55

coelacanth: hey i think i met you with patrice at SF MOMA a while ago. you picked up a 7II?

jonmanjiro: thanks for the link!

gerkshinobi 07-16-2010 04:06


Originally Posted by Double Negative (Post 1367453)
We already have a thread on the 43/50mm lenses...

Yeah, thanks for pointing that out again. I'm still interested in the poll results, but if the mods want to close this thread then that's okay with me.

craygc 07-25-2010 05:24

This was the 43mm...

Debusti Paolo 10-01-2010 08:59

43mm biogon,what else?

notraces 10-01-2010 09:12

This entire book was shot with the Mam 7II and 43mm lens. If you get a chance to peruse a copy you'll appreciate what the 43mm can do.


drew.saunders 10-03-2010 08:02

Rent both and know, rather than ask here and guess?

qruyk12 10-06-2010 01:48

43 or 50
hmm.. very personal preference. i have both but use the 50 much more often. just find it easier to frame quickly.

the 43 comes out for the ultra wide landscapes.

jaredangle 10-06-2010 11:50

I do not own the camera system or any of its lenses, but the photography department of my school has a Mamiya 7ii and the 43mm, 50mm, 80mm and 150mm lenses, which I borrow on their weekly check-out system whenever I possibly can.

I haven't yet used the 50mm, but I can attest to the several pros that the 43mm has.

- very, very sharp
- at f/16, hyperfocal distance almost covers the lens' entire focusing scale, at f/22 hyperfocal distance covers beyond the entire focusing scale.
- increased hand-held ability due to short focal length, goes without saying
- easy to focus
- brightlines in the external finder are easily visible, built-in diopter as well

cons -
- awkward to use with external finder, but this is possibly just my general clumsiness when it comes to alternating between rangefinder and viewfinder
- more expensive

edit - give me a little more time, say an hour or so, and I should be putting up one of my scans from a print with this lens

jaredangle 10-07-2010 16:35

1 Attachment(s)
Recent shot, standing in the water with tripod, and the Mamiya 7 and 43mm lens w/ cable release.

kram 10-09-2010 11:30

I have both lens. I brought the Mamiya 7 when it first came out and thought the 43mm (21mm on 35mm film eq) sold it to me. I use the camera for ~ 8 years with only the 80mm lens (sic). The 43mm was the last lens I purchased and have tried to use it more of late.
I love the 50mm lens - but as the 43mm is wider (and was one of the original reasons I purchased the 7) I am trying to use it more. My main concern is light fall off (even at f11?). It is not that big a deal, but some photos look slightly odd to me -edges OK but slightly brighter in the centre (rather than centre OK and darker at the edges??) I don't seem to notice/have this 'problem' with the 50mm.

TareqPhoto 10-19-2010 12:14

I will buy 43mm as my best wide lens, just first i have to figure out my problem with Mamiya 7 then will go for 43mm, i was going to buy 80mm or 150mm first to test my camera if it is working, if it will work with one of those lenses then the problem will be with my 65mm lens not with camera, but i really want to buy 43mm first over 80 or 150.

Ti29er 12-07-2010 02:10

I think unless you use 21mm on the 35mm format, then a 43mm lens is going to be an error on the 7.

I prefer the less exaggerated effects of the 50 / 24mm and thinking about my own picture taking over the years, almost never have call for a 43 / 21mm lens - it's too specialised and exaggerated, not at all suitable for many subject matter.

I too thought along those lines, buy the 43mm!, but at present I’m on the hunt for that all elusive 50mm lens to go with the 150mm as I changed my mind fairly early on about the usefulness of such an extreme wide angle.

thegman 03-03-2011 01:01

I only ever had the 65mm for my Mamiya 7, but now use a 50mm on my Hasselblad. If it's your only lens, I'd say get the 50mm, as 43mm is extreme wide for an every day lens I think. If you've got the 80mm however, I'd definitely get the 43mm, as for non-wide, you're catered for. I love wides though, and I think you'll probably love either.

rtwright88 03-03-2011 01:48

I only have the 43mm, however, it is superlative lens. Why go 50mm when you can crop a 43mm shot?

Rob-F 03-05-2011 20:18

If you happened to have a 6x7 projector, you could shoot 6x7 slides and project them, and you would have a home version of IMAX!

hatidua 03-09-2011 15:48

43 for me, the 50 (for my use) is simply rather mundane (but I do own it, "just in case").

Canyongazer 03-14-2011 14:39

I shot for many years with the 50/80/150 trio.
Many times I wished my 50 were a bit wider, never wished it were 7mm longer.
In terms of quality, I had zero complaints about the 50, though. Excellent lens.

bensyverson 06-04-2011 19:46

I only have the 80, but the 50 is the only other lens I would consider.

At first glance they seem pretty close in focal length, but the 43mm is a ~22mm equivalent vs the 50mm at ~26mm. To me, the 43 screams "wide angle" whereas the 50 just takes in a wide view.

jnoir 08-02-2011 02:16

Since I am the happy owner of a 7II, I too want to add an extra lens to the "default" kit (that I got with the 80mm lens).

I know better than to choose the lens based on technical differences, since they are so close performance-wise that if I take a decision solely based on that most probably I won't be satisfied.

It makes far more sense to choose which lens to buy based on what I am actually using, or rather what I am missing in what I already have.

But, that's my dilemma, I am not sure which way to go:

- The 43mm may be useful: you can always crop, it's the shorter FL, and not actually common (I can get e.g. a 50mm Flek for my P6, but not a 43mm). I can have a 50mm in the P6 and a 43mm in the M7II, and they may coexist happily. However, I don't think the external viewfinder will have much appeal to me.

- The 50mm is closest to what I use nowadays for wide angle, which is a 24mm lens on a 35mm camera. It appears to be useable without the external viewfinder. However, I don't really have a definitive figure as to the equivalent FL of each M7II lens compared to 35mm, it seems to depend on to whom you ask... In addition, I have not yet managed to get my hands on a 20mm lens for 35mm film, so I am not really sure if such a wide fov will suit me.

My options, or the ones that have already occurred to me, are:

- Buy the 50mm Flek for the P6, and buy the 43mm for the M7II

- Buy the 50mm for the M7II and forget about the P6 (but somehow I like the WLF...), adding a 20mm lens for the 35mm system.

- Try to borrow a 20mm lens off someone (I have no renting facilities available) and test it, try to decide based on that.

- Sell everything and retire to grow lettuce :bang:

What would you do?

Turtle 08-02-2011 02:40

50mm IMO. Everyone is different, but I find the 50mm much more widely applicable than the 43mm for my purposes. I probably use the 50mm 10x more than the 43. I use the 65mm more than any of them.

hatidua 08-12-2011 13:05


Originally Posted by jnoir (Post 1677536)
I don't think the external viewfinder will have much appeal to me.

I'll admit, the external viewfinder wouldn't be my first choice. Then again, a dark cloth with a 4x5 is a bit of an inconvenience as well.....but the final images benefit from both of those nuisances ;)

Matus 10-23-2011 03:05

I am just wondering whether after 15 months since this thread was started OP managed to decide on one of the two :)

NLewis 10-23-2011 03:11

On 35mm format, the 43mm is equivalent to 21mm, and the 50mm is equivalent to 24mm.

The 21mm-equivalent field of view has been popular in recent years, but you tend to get a lot of foreground. This leads to the "mountains in the back and the rock in front" sort of composition, which is OK but a little old now. The 24mm reduces this somewhat. I personally am trending more towards 35-50mm for landscapes, to eliminate some of these foreground issues.

The other use for a very wide lens is in a confined space, such as indoors. However, you soon get crazy distortion if you vary from horizontal, so this is really the realm of dedicated architectural photography, with view-camera movements.

hatidua 11-02-2011 15:42


Originally Posted by jnoir (Post 1677536)
What would you do?

Your final option, involving lettuce, sounds pretty good! ;)

PhotoMat 03-27-2012 07:59

Sorry about the repost of images from another thread, but all of the following photos where shot with my Mamiya 7II and 43mm lens (using either Velvia or E100VS).

Pete B 04-06-2012 03:33

These are gorgrous Matt.

gcap 04-06-2012 10:00

An entire set with the 43: http://flic.kr/s/aHsjwhYxsz
which I purchased selling a 50 and an 80 (bought again last year).

2WK 07-06-2012 10:02

I don't get why they didn't make the 50 a faster lens (i.e 2.8). Perhaps because the shutter in in the lens?

segedi 07-06-2012 10:13


Originally Posted by Paul Jenkin (Post 1919083)
considering getting the panoramic adapter. Anyone use it or recommend it?

I haven't used it, seemed expensive and I'd rather spend the money on extra 120 film and crop to pano as needed.

gdi 07-06-2012 14:06


Originally Posted by Paul Jenkin (Post 1919083)
I got an M7 with a 65mm as "standard" (as I like using a 35mm lens as standard with my Leica M6TTL). I also got a 150mm lens. I had a choice between a 50mm or 43mm for wide and went for the 43mm as I really like the slightly exaggerated wide perspective that the equivalent of a 21mm lens gives. I'm considering getting the panoramic adapter. Anyone use it or recommend it?

I have it and have used it a good bit; it is a fiddly thing, a Rube Goldberg deal. But I still like it, you get more shots than shooting 120 and cropping for pano. But the big thing for me is being able to shoot a variety of 35mm film that may not be available in 120.

RObert Budding 07-07-2012 04:22


Originally Posted by 2WK (Post 1919233)
I don't get why they didn't make the 50 a faster lens (i.e 2.8). Perhaps because the shutter in in the lens?

You lose DOF with medium format relative to 35mm assuming equivalent angle of view. And then there's the weight of a lens that needs to cover a larger image circle. That's why 35mm is still the best format for low light.

2WK 07-09-2012 11:10

I get it, but then how does the Plaubel Makina have a f2.8 lens. Is it because the bellows pulls the lens farther away from the film?

RObert Budding 08-04-2012 09:03


Originally Posted by 2WK (Post 1921140)
I get it, but then how does the Plaubel Makina have a f2.8 lens. Is it because the bellows pulls the lens farther away from the film?

Longer bellows extension will simply make it possible to focus at a closer distance. So, no, that's not why Plaubel Makina offers an f/2.8 80mm lens. It can be useful to have faster lenses, but the trade-off is greater weight and bulk and limited usefulness at closer focus.

I use 35mm when I need faster lenses because of the greater DOF for equivalent angles of view. That often makes it possible to use slower films, partially off-seting the disadvantage of the smaller format.


EdSawyer 10-11-2012 11:25

The shutter is the limiting issue with faster lenses for the Mamiya 7 system. They would likely need a larger shutter to make faster lenses = bigger lenses.

Vincent.G 10-15-2012 18:02


Originally Posted by PhotoMat (Post 1842641)
Sorry about the repost of images from another thread, but all of the following photos where shot with my Mamiya 7II and 43mm lens (using either Velvia or E100VS).

Absolutely STUNNING!!! :eek:

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