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maryland_fotos 09-09-2016 01:32

10.5cm f4 T, S-mount
Velvia 100, S3. At f/8, I believe.

44410012 by Maryland Photos, on Flickr

Peter Jennings 09-09-2016 05:48

Nice. Would love to try one of those interesting lenses but have yet to encounter one.

menos 10-12-2016 21:33

A few of them were recently on the auction site - one of them even in Nikon RF mount, but without lens hood and expectedly pricey.

David Murphy 10-13-2016 21:52

Wow - amazing image. Did Nikon also make this lens on Contax RF mount by any chance?

maitani 10-14-2016 00:55

i had this lens from transitional phase early F mount (quite rare) it's and tack sharp from 5.6 quite good at F4 too.
the appeal is the size imo, it's really tiny, it' looks awkwardly-funny on a D3 sized camera.
gorgeous for Nikon F(2) though.
would go for one in nikon-S mount if i'd found at good price. optically it's really good.

Rico 10-18-2016 04:12

Leitz equivalent lens, from about the same year, was the 3-element Elmar 90 in either M mount or LTM. A nice lens that I have used on my Canon 1Ds with various Visoflex bits.

maryland_fotos 10-18-2016 15:13

One more from this lens, on the Bessa R2S with Velvia 50 loaded.

61910010 by Maryland Photos, on Flickr

maryland_fotos 10-22-2016 03:38

Another from the same Velvia 50 roll.

61910022 by Maryland Photos, on Flickr

KHW 10-27-2016 07:04

I have one but never use it on any camera. A collector item.

Tom A 10-27-2016 07:35

[IMG]F928 #6 Nikon 105f4 Hot Rod Show by T&T and Mr B Abrahamsson, on Flickr[/IMG]

Nikon SP and S mount Nikkor 105mm f4.0. I even have the caps and hood for it. A bit nervewraking to walk around with as the hood keep popping off and fall on the ground.
Local Hot Rod Show. Ford Coupe from 1940 - from the days when things were bright and shiny.
Kodak 5231 +X movie stock in Kodak's D96 (home brewed).

Tom A 10-27-2016 07:41

[IMG]H 110 #6 Nikkor 105mmf4.0 and the 105mm f2.5 by T&T and Mr B Abrahamsson, on Flickr[/IMG]
There is a considerable size (and weight) difference between the 105f4 and the 105f2.5. The f2.5 is a better lens in many ways, why is why it is still a legend among optics. The 105f4 is weak at f4 but from f5.6/f8 it works very well. Tape the hood to secure it - they are scarce and expensive!!!!

maryland_fotos 10-31-2016 01:05

Good tip on the hood, Tom. The F-mount version shares the hood, with the same challenge. Note to self, never walk around in a crowd with the hood attached to either lens.

maryland_fotos 11-05-2016 14:40

Another one from the 10.5 F4 T and Bessa R2S. Provia 400X, scan processed in Silver Efex Pro. I am sure this was at f/4.

62630008 by Maryland Photos, on Flickr

maryland_fotos 11-05-2016 14:54

And one more, same roll.

62630034 by Maryland Photos, on Flickr

maryland_fotos 01-14-2020 14:39

Reviving this old old thread on the 10.5cm f4 T. I see Tom had this lens.

000323720025 by Maryland Photos, on Flickr

Taken on the Bessa R2S and JCH Streetpan

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