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CameraQuest 11-14-2019 11:13

Tom Abrahamsson : A Leica Pundit And Visionary Man Whose Remembrance Lives On

great article well worth reading


farlymac 11-14-2019 12:15

Halfway through, but have to hold off the rest till later. Lots of information to digest in a short while. Thanks for the link, Stephen. I miss the little e-mail conversations I had with Tom. He always had some good suggestions for me.


helenhill 11-14-2019 13:42

wow is that long.... cannot do it in one Sitting, gets very technical

LOVED the Photo of Tom & Tuulikki and ‘Finding’ the more personal points of Tom and his Life !

D&A 11-14-2019 13:44

What a wonderful tribute of the man and the life he led. He wholeheartedly deserves it for his insight, camaraderie, enthusiasm and most of all for being such a gentlemen in offering his assistance to all levels of photo enthusiasts world wide. His knowledge and opinions will long be of value to legions of fans of the rangefinder, both cameras and lenses and of course associated equipment.

Dave (D&A)

Ko.Fe. 11-14-2019 14:06

To be honest it is very good what Tom A is remembered.
But this article illustrated lack of attention problem. Way too much of not relevant and basic gear info, available elsewhere, I have to fish out related to Tom A info, but gave up.

kshapero 11-14-2019 14:42

He was mostly to me, a very good person who always seemed to have time for me and my photos. RIP.

kiemchacsu 11-14-2019 19:39

that is a super long article,
i have to bookmark it for later read,
scanning a few paragraphs and found it quite interesting.

however, agreed with Ko.Fe above, mass of off topic information.

Rob-F 11-14-2019 23:53

Yes, a good article, even if it is a bit over-inclusive. Partly about Tom, partly about Leicas, partly dropping the names of who's (or was) who in photography.

Timmyjoe 11-15-2019 03:55

Lots of info there, about a very special person. Thanks for sharing Stephen.


Rob-F 11-15-2019 04:52

At one of the fall Leica meetings, Tom noticed the tripod socket on the bottom of my rapidwinder and told me he had machined it himself. It seemed remarkable that he remembered doing that, out of all he used to do, on my one unit.

charjohncarter 11-15-2019 07:03

What he said at the end is right: Leica opened the world to photos in the 20th century.

Dennis S. 11-15-2019 10:28

Great article. Tom indeed was a gracious man who helped photographers with his wisdom no matter what skill level you had for photography. He helped me out to find a true beauty in b&w film and he also encouraged me to make my own developer instead of paying for shipping of water with a small amount of chemicals in them from USA. Have been doing Pyrocat (HD & HDC) developing and getting great results.

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