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Steve_Pfost 11-13-2019 09:27

My first new M lens
A short story of a lens.

As one would expect, most of my rangefinder gear is used. M6, M4, all my lenses from a 1939 50 Elmar that came with my IIIb, to a 1974 35 cron I picked up from a man in a diner in upstate NY, to a Voigtlander that I traded a 90mm for in Manhattan. The list goes on.

However, my first brand new rangefinder acquisition came in the mail today. I believe part of this purchase was fueled from GAS, which I now feel is a real disease. Yet, the real reason for the purchase was a love for this lens' sheer beauty.

I thought about this for weeks. Did I need a new 50? I tried hard to find reasons to say yes. YES! But I had a v4 50 cron, the best of the best they say, why did I need this one? Because it looked stunning and the images produced seemed equally as stunning.

The lens suddenly went on sale, a sign? Possibly, so I pulled the trigger. I'm the last to believe a lens or any gear for that fact makes anyone a good photographer, but sometimes you just see a piece of equipment and say, I need that! I can see that camera, that lens, being handed down to my children and my children's children. Can you imagine what grandpa saw with this?

And so here I am unwrapping the lens from its bag, unveiling a jewel of a lens. A figure of art unlike anything I've ever attached to a camera body. I hold that Voigtlander 50mm 1.5 in my hand, the chrome shining in my eyes resembling the grill of our antique fire truck at my volunteer firehouse. Beauty. I attach it to my film Leica and fall in love.

Now lets go make some good pictures dammit!

j.scooter 11-13-2019 09:32

Looking forward to the results.

helenhill 11-13-2019 11:52

Great lens !


Ko.Fe. 11-13-2019 12:20

50 v4 has odd flare. And it is no name lens on bw film.
50 1.5 is better lens in this regard, with less focus shift.
Watch for f1.5 on bright days and snow in the ground. It will burn curtains within few minutes.

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