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darinwc 02-07-2019 00:12

Seeking info on Canon eagle symbol
What do you know about the eagle symbol on the early literature and some cases?
When did it start and end?
What significance did it have?

DanskDynamit 02-07-2019 05:41

eagle? you mean the "Kwanon" logo?

Mackinaw 02-07-2019 06:39

Interesting question. Looking at Dechert's book, the eagle looks to have first appeared on early Canon X-ray cameras in 1939. As for how long they used it, in 1962 Canon did use the eagle on a special 25th anniversary edition of the Canon P. Not sure of its significance.

Jim B.

Spavinaw 02-07-2019 07:29

I have three cases with the eagle symbol on the back. Two of them are all leather cases. They have the side flap with two snaps for the flash rail. At bottom center of the back are two snaps that hold the front part of the case on. The eagle symbol is on the main case between these snaps. My third case is also for a side rail camera. It has chrome metal trim around the top and bottom. The flap for the flash rail wraps way around the end of the case and has only one snap in back. The eagle symbol is on the right bottom corner of the back.

Having said all this, I am sorry to have to tell you I don't know anything about the history of the eagle symbol.

nzeeman 02-07-2019 07:50

hmmm is this topic duplicated? i remember sending that canon link when i saw question and now my post is gone...

Mackinaw 02-07-2019 07:58


Originally Posted by nzeeman (Post 2867566)
hmmm is this topic duplicated? i remember sending that canon link when i saw question and now my post is gone...

Yes, it was duplicated. It looks like this one has won out.

Jim B.

kermaier 02-07-2019 08:26

I have a hood for the Canon 50/1.9 collapsible lens, which is in a leather case having the eagle symbol (or could it be some other bird?).

peterm1 02-07-2019 12:25

I have copied this (my post) from the duplicated thread on this topic:

" I have seen the symbol though not often. Here is a thought. Canon's name originally derived from Guanyin or Kuanyin in Chinese and became Kwanon (in Japanese) and then Canon when transliterated into English. (You can see how these broadly sound something the same when allowing for language differences). Guanyin is the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy. Early cameras were named accordingly and the change to Canon came about due to the desire to market the cameras in the west and Canon is a more western sounding name which never the less still had the same meaning.

In keeping with its Buddhist roots, I wonder if the early logo you mention derived from Buddhism (as its very earliest logo also did - that one represented "Kwanon with 1,000 Arms" and flames.). The eagle symbol is used in Buddhism I understand- though it does not seem to be a central part of it. For example Garuda is the Eagle King in both Buddhism and Hindu culture. In general I would just suggest that maybe the eagle was regarded as a cool symbol taken broadly from eastern culture that westerners would also be familiar with.

Admittedly the above is nothing more than my conjecture based on the company's known history but it may stimulate some other info."

CanonRFinder 02-07-2019 13:04

Hi, the earliest item I own with the "Seiki Eagle" is a 1939 fingerprint camera which is explained in my book on page 126.
Going through Hayato's book the earliest item I can see with a Seiki Eagle on it is a brochure dated 1937 but he doesn't actually mention or explain the "Eagle" date. His book is all in Japanese so I may have missed it. Will ask him.
The Seiki Eagle then became the "Canon Eagle" later on when Canon dropped the "Seiki" monocle name in favour of CANON.

Mackinaw 02-07-2019 15:11

I just pulled out Brian Long's book on the history of Canon. He says that Kazuo Shimura was the gentleman who came up with the design of the Canon eagle. He also designed the Canon logo.

Jim B.

CanonRFinder 02-08-2019 15:02

3 Attachment(s)
Further to "Darinwc"query on the Seiki (1937-1947-08) & Canon EAGLE (1947-09 to ?) mark.
Had a quick gander at what I have, and it amazed me that the "Seiki Eagle" appeared on so few of Canons early accessory items.
The picture featured here is from an early 13.5cm f4 SK lens cap and as far as I can see it only appears on the early Sport Finder and Rangefinder. It only appeared on TWO specialist cameras, the Fingerprint Camera (pg. 126 of my book) and the early X-Ray camera (pg. 86 of my book) and on published literature of the time.
Other than that, it did not appear on any normal camera sold to the public at that time.
Hayato has a couple of items pictured in his book and on page 98 even shows the feet/talons of the Eagle below the "Seiki" name.
The "Canon Eagle" as far as I know ONLY appeared on the cases of the items it held within be it Camera/Lens/Accessory and Literature BUT never on that item.
Another interesting thing is the style of the "C" in the name "CANON" in the "Canon Eagle" mark. It has the serif in the "C" which wasn't introduced till much later when the model L2 was introduced in 1956 although the "Serif C" didn't appear until half way through 1957.
Another thing learnt so any input would be great.
ENJOY (maybe)
Attachment 108217

Attachment 108218

Attachment 108220

CanonRFinder 02-09-2019 14:18

Just had confirmation from an expert in Japan who specialises in the early Seiki era of Canon Inc.
The first version came out in August 1936 and was originally a Vulture showing the legs/talons below the "SEIKI" mark, but in Dec 1936 it was changed to a simplified Eagle lacking the feet/talon depiction.
The design was based on the "Reichsadler" eagle used in Germany between 1935-1945.
After WWII it was changed to the CANON EAGLE.
I think the use of "Canon Eagle" is quite correct. Just my opinion.
Something I didn't know and goes someway in clearing up the subject.

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