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raid 12-19-2017 17:02

Rain & Snow: use digital or film camera?
I expect rain every day for a few days, followed by snow and ice.
I am not going to use Leica M cameras due to the damaging rain.
Is it more practical to use a mechanical film camera, such as SWC?
Should I be content with my iphone as a camera (in my pocket)?
What do you usually do when traveling and it rains each day?

raid 12-20-2017 13:14

Oh well. There is no feedback here, so I am making my decision based on my experiences with travel. I will take along the SWC with 120 and 220 backs, plus the very light M 4/3 camera with 25mm/1.4 Summilux.

Pioneer 12-20-2017 15:13

Sorry Raid. Didn't see it.

I have a Pentax digital that is weather resistant. I usually use if it will be really nasty but I have also used my M3 in really rotten weather as well.

With the M3 I hang it beneath my jacket/coat, pull it out and shoot, put it back. If it is pouring then I keep a towel handy to wipe things down.

Snow is not a real big deal unless it is the wet sloppy kind. Just remember, if it cold enough to snow you will likely fog the lens if you take it from cold to warm. When it is really cold I have a ziploc bag to put the camera in before I bring it in the house in the evening.

Leica claims that their digitals are sealed up well enough to put up with rainy weather but I've never tested that myself. A light drizzle sure. Heavy rain I'm not so confident.

raid 12-21-2017 18:23

Thank you for the feedback, Dan.
Rain is the problem usually.

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