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ornate_wrasse 08-07-2019 01:04

Milky Way - Shot with Rokinon 24mm f/1.4
I went to Mt St Helens for a Milky Way workshop this past weekend. I was using my D700 with a Rokinon 24mm f/1.4 manual focus lens. I used Exposure Delay on my camera which effectively puts the mirror up and takes the shot after a one second delay while using only one shutter press.

Here's one of the images. I used an aperture of f/2, 15 seconds shutter speed and ISO of 1600 to get this shot.

oftheherd 08-07-2019 01:39

Looks nice. Is 1/15 the slowest that can be used without blur?

ornate_wrasse 08-07-2019 01:53


Originally Posted by oftheherd (Post 2904486)
Looks nice. Is 1/15 the slowest that can be used without blur?

The answer to your question is "no". The instructor recommended we use 20 seconds as the longest exposure and I actually did use 20 seconds for my longest exposure. However, for some reason, perhaps a faulty card reader, I received error messages in Lightroom when trying to import all of the images on the card. It only imported a few of my images and the longest exposure of the images that were successfully imported was 15 seconds.


Rob-F 08-07-2019 03:29

. . . And I would say, 15 seconds was right! Nice, Ellen!

B-9 08-07-2019 07:25

Using the 500 rule. 15-20 seconds is your sweet spot with that kit.

Great photo! Well done!

Edit: The 500 Rule

500 divided by your focal length = longest time without star blur/trailing.

For crop sensor cameras. Divide that longest time by your crop factor for your adjusted exposure time.

Richard G 08-07-2019 11:47

The 500 Rule. Thanks. Very nice shot Ellen.

ornate_wrasse 08-07-2019 12:11

Thanks all for the kind words on my Milky Way image

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