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krötenblender 12-27-2016 08:46

RFF Postcard Project #8
Gentlemen, Gentlewomen,

we need another round of RFF Postcard Project! Peaple start to get twitchy... ;) Some people were already asking themselfes, if they missed a round (me included). Nobody stepped forward and someone threw a comment towards me to step in, thanks Frank... I guess, previous organisators are probably out shooting or have other things on their plate. However, they made great efforts in previous rounds and I hope, I will be not a too bad successor. That said, here we go:

This is round 8 of RFF Postcard Project, slowly becoming a tradition here on RFF. Inventor Rob (rbiemer) laid out the basic rules which I will follow here and which are as follows:

RFF-PP is a picture postcard exchange. Every participant selects one of his photographs and makes postcards from it (make prints yourself, order postcards online - it is up to you. I always ordered online.), which are sent to each other participant of this round. Please choose only one picture (this is really the hard part!), so that every participant ends up with the same collection of picture postcards.
  • Organisation: To participate, please sent a mail to rff-at-mempool-dot-net (that's me) containing the following information:
    • Subject: RFF Postcard Project
    • Your Name
    • Address, as you would write it on a postcard to yourself from somewhere far away in the world (including line-breaks and country name, as this is an international project)
    • RFF User-Name
    I promise, that all your data is only used for the purpose of this project and will never given away for anything else!
  • Timeframe: You can sent me your mails for participation until Saturday, February, 11., 2017, about six weeks from now on. After that, I close the list and sent every participant the complete list one day later. Then I give another six weeks to shoot/choose the picture, create the postcards and mail them. Meaning, please try to sent your postcards until end of March, 2017, latest.

If I remember correctly, we had about 35-50 people each time, so this is what you can expect this time, too, I think.

I missed no round until now and I can promise you from looking at all the great cards of the previous rounds, that this is worth the effort! It's a treasure, so please participate! - RFF is a really great place for this type of projects.

Let's have some fun, start mailing!

Best regards,

krötenblender 12-27-2016 09:32

As an additional inspiration, here are links to previous rounds with many pictures of postcards in them:

kxl 12-27-2016 09:42

I haven't missed one yet, so yes, I'm in again. Will send you an email with my info in a few minutes. Thanks for hosting #8 Stephan.

winzenbourg 12-27-2016 09:50

Great news! Thanks for organizing (and thanks to Bojan for the last one). Really looking forward to another round.

marcr1230 12-27-2016 11:23

I'm in! These are wonderful!

Red Rock Bill 12-27-2016 12:14

great news ....I'm in .....lots of good photos....regards,Bill

ColSebastianMoran 12-27-2016 12:27

Fab fun each time. Looking forward. Thanks for organizing.

randolph45 12-29-2016 00:06

YES add me to the list.
email coming this week

LarsAC 12-31-2016 12:30

I'm in again, last time was exciting !

@Stephan: Thanks for organizing !


krötenblender 01-02-2017 10:14

A happy new year to all of you!

My suggestion for a new years resolution: Make a postcard! :D

As of now, we have five people who have sent me mail to enter the project. Keep it coming!

Jamie Pillers 01-02-2017 10:21

Count me in, Stephan. My info is on its way. :-)

fdarnell 01-02-2017 10:36

I'm in! These are great fun. Email sent. Thanks for organizing #8. (Great number by the way :-) )

jweber3rd 01-02-2017 15:26

I have sent my info. I am looking forward to another round of postcards.

Stephan, thank you for taking the lead on this round.

jpa66 01-04-2017 05:32

It's been awhile since I've done one of these, so I'm in.

Don Parsons 01-04-2017 05:48

I'm in! Sending you details right now.

krötenblender 01-08-2017 02:07


we are now 14 people. I have sent a reply with a sometimes corrected address to all who contacted me. So, if you got no reply from me, something went wrong.

There is some space left, please join! It's fun!

SamShio 01-08-2017 04:24

Looking forward to another round...I'm in.

Papercut 01-08-2017 05:16

I'm in too. Just sent Stephan the email.

rolfe 01-08-2017 05:45

Send an email with no response -- just sent it again...


krötenblender 01-08-2017 09:55


Originally Posted by rolfe (Post 2683466)
Send an email with no response -- just sent it again...


Hello Rolfe,

strange, that my first reply didn't reach you. Maybe look into your spam-folder? I have my first reply to you in my archive and the mail-server-logs state, that the mail was delivered.

However, all three of you are now in the list.

Best Regards!

raid 01-08-2017 09:57

I am in too.

robert blu 01-08-2017 10:42

If Raid is in I want to be in as well! :)

PS: mail already sent

raid 01-08-2017 10:48

Thank you Robert!
I have also sent a msg with my contact information.
Should be fun.

krötenblender 01-08-2017 11:11


Originally Posted by raid (Post 2683562)
Thank you Robert!
I have also sent a msg with my contact information.
Should be fun.

You are both in. Nice to have you this round, too.

Please for all new participants: Sent your mail to my personal email-address as listed in the first message of this thread. Do not use the RFF-message-system, as I may easily miss them.


raid 01-08-2017 11:14

I did not spot your email, Stephan!

krötenblender 01-08-2017 11:48


Originally Posted by raid (Post 2683571)
I did not spot your email, Stephan!

Okay, sorry for bad text-layout. I marked it green now for better visibility.

raid 01-08-2017 12:05

The green now really shows. Thanks.

kdemas 01-08-2017 15:41

I'm in, info sent. Missed the last couple rounds, looking forward to this one!


Red Rock Bill 01-12-2017 08:26

help....I seem to be doing something wrong trying to sign up for postcard project #8......I get a warning that the address might be a phishing site........and a black screen with purple writing......any idea what i might be doing wrong ? regards,Bill

Red Rock Bill 01-12-2017 08:55

holy cow...never mind I figured it out.....dummy me was trying to access a web site not send an e-mail........this getting old is for the birds...regards,Bill

rfaspen 01-12-2017 09:36

Probably my favorite RFF tradition. I'm in!!!

Also, thanks to Bojan for the last Postcard Project. I still have my collection from that one on my coffee table (in an album of course).

seakayaker1 01-12-2017 14:16

I am in once again, I have not missed any of the Postcard Projects and they are worth the time and expense to produce and mail the postcards. The collections of postcards and stamps from around the world are fantastic. Thanks for stepping up and organizing round eight!

bojanfurst 01-13-2017 10:27

I was just thinking that we need another one and look at this!


krötenblender 01-13-2017 12:31

Hello fellow RFFers!

A short update: we are now 27 people (me included) - so we have places left!
By now, everybody should have received a mail from me with your address as a confirmation of your mail - I also asked a few questions regarding missing address parts.

Best regards,

krötenblender 01-13-2017 12:37


Originally Posted by Red Rock Bill (Post 2685143)
help....I seem to be doing something wrong trying to sign up for postcard project #8......I get a warning that the address might be a phishing site........and a black screen with purple writing......any idea what i might be doing wrong ? regards,Bill

Hello Bill,

yes, the address used in a web-browser is the front-page of my web-server, not a phishing-site. But also no content, which is hidden behind the curtains.

(Techtalk-Warning) The warning may be because I use HTTPS only for the deep pages, so the sites certificates are intentionally wrong for the front-page. - Looking suspicious keeps away suspicious people... :D

zian 01-17-2017 12:33

Thanks Stephan for organizing!
I can't wait!

michaelwj 01-17-2017 13:44

I'm in!
Looking forward to it again.

krötenblender 01-21-2017 11:06

Hello everybody,

short update: Not much happened this week, we're at 28 people, so we have plenty of spots left! Join! It's fun!

Some stats by country:
Australia = 1
Austria = 1
Canada = 2
Germany = 3
Italy = 1
New Zealand = 1
USA = 19

We definitely need more countries!

krötenblender 01-23-2017 05:57


Originally Posted by krötenblender (Post 2688078)
We definitely need more countries!

Of course, this does not mean, there are limited places for US! :D

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