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ChrisN 04-22-2006 04:27

W/NW: Cemeteries
Bet everyone's got something to offer here!

cbass 04-22-2006 06:06

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Plymouth Burial Ground in Plymouth, MA...

KEH 04-22-2006 15:10

Mt Zion Cemetary, Washington DC
R-D1, CV 35/2.5 Classic


peterc 04-22-2006 15:15

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I saw the subject and decided to venture out to the local pioneer cemetery on a drizzly Saturday afternoon.
Both shot with a Kiev 4a on Maco TP64c, rated at ISO 50, developed in Rollei LC
Tombstone: Jupiter 8m
Children's graves: Jupiter 12


rover 04-22-2006 15:23

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I was looking for a mood...

doubs43 04-22-2006 15:32

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Pre-Columbian Burial Mound located near Macon, Georgia, USA. Picture taken with a Kiev 4A.


tetrisattack 04-22-2006 16:18

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Lonely death, amherst MA.

Joerg 04-22-2006 16:40

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Benjamin Franklin's wife, Boston MA


drmatthes 04-22-2006 18:41

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First one: Stubenrauchstrasse Cemetry, Berlin-Friedenau (where Marlene Dietrich and Helmut Newton were buried - and Ottomar Anschütz, one of the contributors to the invention of the leaf shutter). Second one: closed-down Jewish Cemetery, Hannover (Nobody allowed to enter, authorities obviously still being afraid of Nazi hooligans, sad thing to admit).


dadsm3 04-22-2006 18:50

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Obscenity on a old stone..

bmattock 04-22-2006 18:57


Originally Posted by dadsm3
Obscenity on a old stone..

What a shame. Here in NC, they recently caught three kids who defaced a bunch of headstones in a cemetary. A local stone quarry repaired the headstones for free that same week, without comments - they just showed up and did it. And the boys? They face felony charges - the PA says he won't reconsider - they're over 18 and going to go to prison - it is a felony here.

Best Regards,

Bill Mattocks

Michael I. 04-23-2006 03:25

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ww1 cemetery

Time Freeze 04-23-2006 05:09

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I have always cemeteries fascinating. The headstones and monuments in old sections can be works of art. Here are two shots from my Yashica GSN.

Sorry for the tiny images. The two photos are also in my gallery.

nksyoon 04-23-2006 06:25

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The first 2 are from 2 public cemeteries in Zurich, Switzerland. The last is from a cemetery in Penang, Malaysia.

Stuart John 04-24-2006 11:36

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Grave Yard Squirrel

enochRoot 04-24-2006 11:40

that last shot (sepia toned) is great nick!!

JoeFriday 04-24-2006 11:49

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taken in a local cemetery that was featured on a national television program for allegedly being haunted

Vivitar 35ES... Kodak BW400CN

darkkavenger 04-24-2006 12:23

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Old cemetary of Vysehrad in Prague, near the Capitular SS. Peter & Paul gothic church. I've heard that nowadays it's used as a sort of pantheon of famous people of the czech nation.

Kiev-2A [1956] + Jupiter-12 35/2.8 [Arsenal, 1958]
Ilford PAN 400

ch1 04-24-2006 15:38

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I have some others I'd like to post later - but picking up on dexdog's post (#2) the "finger" was apparently a very popular theme in the 19th C. - this was taken a a Reformed (f.k.a. Dutch Reformed) churchyard in Copake:

R Alan 04-24-2006 15:49

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Not really a cemetary, but you get the idea. Canon GIII, Pan f +


ChrisN 04-24-2006 16:01

Wow - some great shots there! Brett - love the dramatic angles!

ch1 04-24-2006 16:16

1 Attachment(s)
Picking up on Roy's segue - AZ offers a way for families and friends to honor ftheir departed loved ones and also contriubte to making the byways more pleasant to drive on....

tomtodeath 04-24-2006 17:41

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ch1 04-24-2006 19:48

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This was a "grab shot" taken during the waning light of a rapidly descending January nightfall.....

bmoc 04-25-2006 04:14

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thanks for starting the thread on this beautiful subject.

Michael I. 04-25-2006 04:48

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world war 1 is neglected because there are no witnesses left.But it still is a scar on mankind's body

Andy K 04-25-2006 04:55


Originally Posted by Michael I.
world war 1 is neglected because there are no witnesses left.But it still is a scar on mankind's body

As of April 18 2006 Britain has nine surviving veterans of The Great War. We currently have proposals underway to honour the last veteran to pass on with a full state funeral, see here.
I do not know how many survive in other countries who fought.

ch1 04-25-2006 06:01


Originally Posted by Michael I.
world war 1 is neglected because there are no witnesses left.But it still is a scar on mankind's body

Wow, he died just five days before the Armistice! :(

Michael I. 04-25-2006 06:30

A large percent of that cemetary is from this battle. They fought the Turks for this city (beersheba - southern israel) which was a square mile administrative outpost which purpose was communicating with three large local bedouin tribes that met here. The city today is third or fourth largest in Israel.

sfb_dot_com 04-25-2006 15:47

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This is my contribution, not quite a cemetary but this is the war memorial for one small town in Cornwall. It is inscribed with Mens names on all four sides. Hundreds of them.

The only lesson we need to learn is never to forget.


trittium 04-25-2006 20:34

Oakwood Cemetary, Troy NY

This cemetary is amazing. It was made in Victorian times by the founders of the Arrow Shirt Company. It has the nations first cematorium, and is considered one of the top 10 most haunted placed by many authorities on the matter. The Monuments are amazing, and were comissioned by the Victorian Elite class. There are ponds, and one side of the cemetary is on a hill that overlooks the Hudson River Valley. I even saw the grave of an former US Senator.

Technical Information:
Certo Dolly Super Sport medium format folding rangefinder camera circa 1937
Zeiss Tessar 50/2.8
Fuji Velvia 100
Developed in Kodak E6 Kit
Jobo Developing system
Epson 4180 Scanner

nwcanonman 04-25-2006 21:36

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I found this grave and passed the photo to a friend in Pierce Co. (WA) Sheriff's dept. Turned out they didn't know he was buried down here in Tumwater, WA. An 8"x10" of it is now in their historical exhibit. :D

Wayne R. Scott 04-26-2006 02:38

Yashica GSN


enochRoot 04-26-2006 12:48

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here are some from a recent trip to greenlawn cemetary (columbus ohio). it is HUGE, and has a lot of the old ohio heads of state buried there, as well as pillars in the community from way back (ie: the people all the streets are named after). it's very tranquil to stroll around the grounds.

unfortunately...these prints were scanned with arguably the worst scanner known (it's an all-in-one). it would only give me 100% 200dpi color jpegs (with HORRIBLE registration) of my small proof prints. anyhow...these don't do the prints justice, but they are the closest i could get to post (and i didn't want to miss this thread). so many great images here...and nice to know i'm not the only one that loves wandering around the graveyard! could someone recommend a good scanner that is inexpensive for use only to scan images for the web (flatbed)?!?!

all of them except the one with my wife are shot w/ a dark red filter (the one she is in uses a dark orange filter). the shot of the mausoleum is konica infrared...the others are tmax 100.

ok...crap. the limit is now 3 photos to upload?! hopefully this will be followed by 2 more.

enochRoot 04-26-2006 12:49

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the remaining 2.

ch1 04-27-2006 20:16

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Westminster Abbey.....

24x30 04-27-2006 21:14

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A subject were I could not withstand :)

german ww2 graveyard near La Cambe (Normandy, France)


glchua 04-27-2006 21:42

From the only Amenian church in Singapore:

kmack 04-30-2006 18:18

1 Attachment(s)
Jefferson MD.
George Richards -Born 1798

ch1 05-01-2006 17:19

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"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil...."

[Disclaimer: Biblical quotation is as my better half remembers it - argue with her if the wording is wrong!]

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