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Joao 04-15-2019 09:52

Mamiya Sekor 65 mm in a C330. A question.
I have a Mamiya C330 and a 65mm Mamiya Sekor lens. It makes sense to use a parallax correction plate as it is mentioned in the Userís Manual.
But now I find this camera viewfinder mask


It seems to be some sort of magnifying focusing screen.
Is it useful ? or necessary ?? Is it compatible with the parallax correction plate ??

Thank you for your advice and opinions

mpaniagua 04-15-2019 10:27

Those are attached on the sport finder right (the small hole used to frame using zone focus). Sorry, Haven't used parallax correction plate myself, normally use paramender when doing close focus stuff.

Something like the second rollei, from left to right:

By the way, highly recomend paramender if doing close up/static photographic.


mike rosenlof 04-15-2019 17:39

As the previous post sez: it's for the sportsfinder -- if you have a WLF with the two lugs on the top. The parallax correction plate you put on top of your focusing screen. The eBay thing you mount to the WLF and peer through the hole in the back. No ground glass, no parallax indication.

Joao 04-16-2019 02:51

Thank you very much for your clear answers. I don't think I will use that magnifying viewfinder.
Best regards

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