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CameraQuest 11-30-2018 19:05

Brian Wolfe RIP BPW Limited Classiccameras.us
Sometimes you lose track of friends, only to find out later they have passed on.
I last talked with Brian in June 2014 about an unusual Leica R4 body that may have been engraved for the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles.
He passed away in February 2015. I just found out.

If you are on LinkedIn, you can visit his full profile here
If you are not a linked in member, search " BPW Limited / Classic Cameras / Classiccameras.us, Brian Wolfe" That will bring up the summary page for LinkedIn visitors.

Photographer U. S. Navy 1968-1974
USN Intelligence North Island, CA 1971
USN Medical Training, San Diego, CA 1971-1972
Salesman Semler Associated Photo 1973-1974
Photographer Continental Protective Service 1974-1976
CA Licensed Private Investigator 1976-present
Polygraph Examiner Continental Protective Service 1975-1979
Polygraph Examiner Merit Protective Service (L.A. / SFO) 1976-1979
Polygraph Examiner San Francisco PD 1978
Polygraph Examiner Los Angeles PD 1980-1990
Director Of Safety & Security Hamilton Inc. 1978-1979
Director Of Safety & Security American Appliance 1980-1989
Photographic sales & service Trader Jim's Camera 1986-1990
Owner-Manager The Mail Room Culver City, CA 1990-1996
Owner-CEO BPW Limited / www.bpwltd.com Culver City, CA 1981- 2001
Owner-CEO BPW Limited / Classic Cameras / Classiccameras.us Tehachapi, CA 2001-present

Brian was one of my favorite camera nerd camera dealers. His wide knowledge of a so many eclectic facts was always a delight. I visited his Culver City camera shop BPWltd regularly, until he closed it in 2001 to move north to Tehachapi, Calfiornia to open a new store, Classiccameras.us

During the Vietnam war he was a camera tech aboard a carrier. His duties included servicing the unreliable Nikon F KS-80A motor drive camera. It was a modified Nikon F motor designed for one handed operation by fighter pilots. Alas, it jammed easily. It didn't take long for Brian to learn that the US Navy could get KS-80A replacements from EPOI in El Segundo California much faster than EPOI could fix the KS-80A! In a victory for American repair techs everywhere, Brian happily threw jammed KS-80A's over the side so replacements would be in pilot's hands ASAP.

Brian was a serious Nikon collector, as well as Russian camera collector, and all around good guy.

I miss him.

Stephen Gandy

farlymac 11-30-2018 20:25

Would have liked to known him. The Navy photogs I knew were always a resourceful bunch. Sorry to hear your friend has gone on permanent patrol.


Timmyjoe 12-01-2018 06:38

Sorry to hear about your loss. Brian sounds like a fascinating individual.


charjohncarter 12-01-2018 15:29

I remember guys like Brian Wolfe but in the Army. They always had the Nikon F, I was envious. And the US Army must have forgiven the Germans quickly as I found a complete Leica set up (IIIf with many lenses and VISO) at a milgroup in San Salvador. I do remember the photogs saying that the F was really a tough camera.

Sorry, to hear about your friend, he really stayed with what he loved.

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