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ash13brook 03-14-2019 16:56

Omega D2 Alignment Tool
The D2 manual calls for an alignment tool. I just need a good level for this. Right?

Bill Clark 03-14-2019 18:03

Does this help:


ash13brook 03-14-2019 19:07

That's the one I have. It calls for an "alignment tool" which appears to be a small level on the end of straight edge of sorts.
But, basically, it's just a level.
How do you D_ users do your alignment?

dof 03-14-2019 19:46

I can't speak to the specifics of the D2, but I've used one of these to align my Saunders:


Nokton48 03-14-2019 20:20

I also use the Versalab laser to align my DII.

Modified DII lensboards 2 by Nokton48, on Flickr

Noserider 03-14-2019 21:10

Save yourself the trouble and just spring for the Versalab. I used to STRUGGLE with alignment issues at every darkroom I used especially at the newspaper darkroom with 3 enlargers all different! The Omega D2 was the hardest and I made the mistake of thinking I could get the alignment better with the bubble aligner as well a series of bubble levels. I was a wrong 22 year old! Took me a better part of a week to get it as good as I had it. When I got a versalab for my own personal use I went back to that old enlarger and it took me less than 5 minutes to instantly see and adjust perfect. Best 145.00 I spent at the time! I think it's gone up but I still think it is worth whatever they charge now.
Its a good design and stays in its own alignment very well. It looks very simple which it is and think that's why it works well. I put a lithium AA cell in it and I struggle to recall if I ever changed it.

Freakscene 03-14-2019 21:36

For any enlarger use a Versalab Parallel and then check the corners of a projected negative with a Peak Critical Grain Magnifier.


PRJ 03-14-2019 21:46

Yup. Versalab for me too. Worth every penny!

ash13brook 03-15-2019 02:58

I'm not opposed to buying the Versalab, but right now I'm still buying lenses and neg carriers.
In the absence of/before the Versalab, what did you use?

alexandru_voicu 03-15-2019 03:46

I would buy something like this. I actually have pretty much the same thing from Bosch and it served me well when aligning my three enlargers.

Bill Clark 03-15-2019 04:40

Would an app on your iPhone work?

I see several of them in the app store and several are free.

The link to the device shows a cost of $220.00 plus $15 for shipping. To me a lot of money unless you’re going to use it a lot.

Truth be known, I’ve never aligned my B-22. Maybe I’m missing something?

ash13brook 03-15-2019 05:06

What sort of app?
I was thinking, temporarily at least, that I would level my baseboard with a bubble level and 3 door shims. Then lay a small level(for the accurate straight edge) across the lens stage while the condenser housing is off and put a bubble level on that level. Then make adjustment. Then repeat for the negative stage.

Bill Clark 03-15-2019 05:22

I typed in “level” with search in the app store.

Some are free while others have a cost.

Just a thought to help and maybe work. If it’s free you can’t beat the cost.

My son had a level app on his iPhone and we used it to hang framed pictures on the wall.

I also see apps available that can measure, room size as an example, with an iPhone.

Steve M. 03-15-2019 07:23

Unless something was bent in shipping you shouldn't have to re align the enlarger. Your DOF at f8 or f11 is quite large. Typically you run into problems w/ warped base boards and printing easels, but 4 small levels, a carpenters square (or even a tape measure) will get you in the ballpark initially. You need a grain focuser that's easy for your eyes. My Magna Sight allows use of both eyes, and you can stand well away from the print when using it.

ash13brook 03-17-2019 19:31

Nothing was bent but I basically took it apart to clean it, so I figure I might as well align it.
I'm not going to buy budget lenses, so a little later in the game I might buy the above alignment tool to assure the sharpest print possible. But, right now I just want to align per the service manual.
I have levels. I was mostly trying to confirm that the Omega Akugnment tool was basically just a level of sorts.

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