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Ko.Fe. 11-18-2019 06:10

In memory of Boris Kireev.
Moscow based amateur street photographer Boris Kireev passed away.

Boris was my Moscow Daily.

He was one of the few prolific street photographers who used mostly film.
Walking to and after work, taking pictures and developing, printing, sharing several days per week for years.
Boris won many local photo contests and was recognized abroad.
He was also cameras, lenses collector. Some of his cameras are rare. He was sending them for service and reviewing, using them.

He was very polite and pro democracy person. Family guy and cats lover.

Interview with him in Russian:

Have a look at his work before it is gone:

I will miss him greatly...

charjohncarter 11-18-2019 06:48

Sorry, you lost someone close. I like guys (and girls) like that. They just quietly take photos of daily life, and enjoy what they are doing.

Greg Maslak 11-18-2019 06:57

Thank you for sharing Boris' Flickr page. I will surely be spending time there today.

My condolences.

Big Ursus 11-18-2019 20:50

Hi Ko Fe,
Please acept my condolences.

CharlesDAMorgan 11-18-2019 21:01

Thank you for sharing that Ko.Fe, his photos are wonderful, and it is a shame to have heard of him only upon his passing.

maigo 11-18-2019 21:32

In memory of Boris Kireev.
Sorry for your loss, Kostya.
I already followed him on Flickr and see that he posted up to 2 days ago.
From the breadth and quantity of pictures he posted it was obvious that not only he loved photography and was good at his craft but he loved the city and its people.


webOSUser 11-19-2019 01:34


Let me offer my condolences.

Steve W

Ko.Fe. 11-19-2019 05:32

rangefinder.ru is going to publish small book of Boris Kireev photos.

helenhill 11-19-2019 11:24

Sorry to hear of Boris’ passing.

Did not know his work but enjoyed your Flickr link, Thank You !

traveler_101 11-19-2019 17:53

Dear Ko-Fe,
Sorry Kireev passed on, but I have to say that looking through a few pages of his stuff, I think he was fantastic: he gives life in the city: buildings, people, nature - the whole lot. Interesting angles on buildings, film with low contrast, film with high contrast, colour film, memetic and expressionist shots, still shots and vibrant shots, shots that show motion, shots that seem like they should be in focus but aren't, loneliness and happiness, action and reflection. It is raw, man; he f***ing pounds us with city. Quantity is part of it; taking a few shots and putting them in a book misses what we see on his Flickr - real inspiration for me.

Ko.Fe. 12-25-2019 15:15

In memory of Boris Kireev book is available:


lynnb 12-26-2019 00:00

Just saw this thread. Many thanks Kostya for the notice and links. He was very good; I'm finding his pictures and subjects fascinating. I'm sorry you've lost a talented friend.

xayraa33 12-26-2019 05:39

RIP, Boris

I checked out his photos, very good work, he was a talented photographer that is for sure.

He was not even 50 years old when he passed on.

May I ask you Kostya... what was the cause of Boris's death?

Ko.Fe. 12-26-2019 05:41

He was big part of photographic community.
Boris reviewed a lot of gear. By taking pictures with it. He had very many cameras, some of them has to be sent for service before reviewing. Some of his cameras are rare exotics.
He also made similar comparison for bw films. By taking pictures with.
He hosted one experimental, photography forum.
And he grow himself as photographer over decade.
He was always available for questions.
And many of his bw pictures are scans of darkroom prints.

Book was compiled by those who knew him close.
Money from this book will go to his family.

Gerry M 12-26-2019 06:11

Kostya, Sorry you lost a good friend. I really like his photos on the link. Almost like being there. Condolences to you and his family.


farlymac 12-26-2019 19:23

Boris certainly had a way of capturing the city and its human occupants, Kostya. Too bad this is the way most of us here are learning about him. Sounds like he was a very interesting friend to have, and I regret your having to suffer the loss.


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