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Dektol Dan 11-10-2019 12:06

Some Shots from Falcon Field Mesa AZ
Mesa has an annual airplane car event at Falcon Field a still active but old WWII air base. Many generations of aircraft are there.

Here are some from the M10 with a 2.8 Zeiss 35mm Biogon.
I normally never shoot aperture priority, but this a first time with at it with the M10 to see how it flies. I don't recommend it! Yes it works, but very few images were good enough to be saved as shot.

Adjustments made by reviewing exposure is very hard in bright sunshine.

pedaes 11-10-2019 13:17

1 Attachment(s)
My Father-in Law was sent by RAF to Falcon Field to learn to fly in WWII. Picture of the lads with their instructor.

Dektol Dan 11-11-2019 08:52

Still Alive?
There are still some WWII vets around, but not many.
Arizona had quite a number of airbases born of WWII.

pedaes 11-11-2019 13:31

Unfortunately, no. Fairly recent.

He told me the Brits were sent there because the weather meant they could have continuous flying. He kept in touch with his Instructor, and there was a Falcon Field Association for pilots who trained there.

Muggins 11-11-2019 13:44

...and a nice T6 in the background.

Quite right on the weather - the corollary to that is that when the USAAF arrived in Europe they discovered that the weather was often appalling and you couldn't drop a bomb in a pickle barrel if you couldn't see the thing.

I have a Kodak given to my by the son of a man who bought it second hand in Canada where he was training for the RAF. I've often wondered whether he ever bombed Stuttgart, where it was made in the Nagel factory there.


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