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Sterlingsilver 03-31-2019 08:55

Minox developing tank testing video
I did a video showing the tests I did with the original Minox developing tank to try to figure out a way to get it to stir up better:
Part 1:
Part 2:

Godfrey 03-31-2019 22:48

Hmm. The Minox Daylight Developing Tank was never really designed for color processing. I only processed C41 in Minox format a couple of times: I used a stainless spiral 9mm reel in a single roll 35mm tank daylight developing tank. Far cheaper than the Minox tank, much easier to get all the chemistry in and out properly, and very even, consistent development.

The Minox Daylight Developing Tank is a masterpiece of engineering for the express purpose of quickly processing B&W film quickly and efficiently. The only agitation needed is to pump the thermometer in the provided opening. It works best with developer concentrations that run to about 7-9 minutes development time.


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