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chrism 07-05-2018 14:42

Trip 35 sticky shutter
I recently acquired another Trip, this one in perfect and unused condition, and it's black. While the aperture blades worked OK, the shutter would open slowly and fail to close until wound on. Using the instructions here as a starting point, I stripped the camera down to the disk with the aperture blades on the front of it. From there it was just three more screws to get at the shutter blades. I drenched them with isopropanol, wiped them dry and used a soft graphite pencil to scribble all over the surfaces they slide over. Tricky to reassemble, but probably not if you've done much of this before (I haven't). At least I found the ball bearing I dropped, so aperture, focus and ISO all have working detents. I did have to re-assemble it twice as one of the wires going to the selenium cell got pinched and couldn't be pulled back into the body until I took it all apart again. I hope I have installed the lens elements correctly so the focus will be right - the front element can be started in its threads in two positions, but luckily I had marked the top before disassembly.
And the shutter? Working nicely. Looking forward to throwing in a film.

Steve M. 07-05-2018 18:30

I love success stories like this. Congratulations. 9 out of 10 people would say send it out for a CLA or buy another camera, but if you have any mechanical ability at all and a little common sense (and maybe a little luck), mechanical camera repairs can be accomplished, and you get the reward of a job well done afterwards.

As for me, I'm still w/o a ball bearing for the 135 2.8 Soligor lens I took apart. It didn't fall on the floor, it accidentally got put it in the wrong place and I can't get it back out! The lens still works fine, but alas, no clicking detents on the aperture settings anymore. I just think of it as a Soviet Jupiter 11 lens and go w/ it.

chrism 07-07-2018 07:08

The one thing I'd do differently if I were to do it again is to take a photograph at each stage as I deconstructed it. The instruction I linked to have some pictures, but not enough to show the orientation of each layer in the multilayer sandwich one is deconstructing. The graphite pencil trick is one I thought of when I motorised my Rondinax tanks and had one or two get sticky. It works and doesn't contaminate a lens.

chrism 07-20-2018 08:37

First film developed today, and no problems with the shutter on any of the frames. Very pleased.

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