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Ong 04-02-2019 16:05

Summicron-r 50 version 1 cam measurements
Wondering, in my search to find someone to convert my 2 cam cron, I've discovered that leica doesn't offer this service anymore!

With the advent of 3d printing, I'm now considering if anyone has a spare 3rd cam for the summicron, or would be willing to provide some dimensions so I could attempt to 3d print it!

analoged 04-03-2019 10:11

So you want to covert your 1 cam to a 2 cam? Pretty sure DAG can do it, but you're in Oz!

Ronald M 04-03-2019 13:33

DAG used to turn around these conversions very fast.

He might send you one and then have a local install. I think installations is rather simple.

You might get one from a parts lens. Or just use stop down metering. This does work

analoged 04-03-2019 14:41

Yes, it's actually quite simple to do if you have the cam! Changed my 180 Elmarit II that had a ROM mount added. I had spare 3 cam mount and cams and swapped it back.

Godfrey 04-03-2019 16:45

Leica USA told me they could do it on my ancient one-cam 50 'Cron. That was a year or so ago; never had it done.


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