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bhop73 11-13-2018 08:26

This thread's back? Ok.. I get mine from either Samy's Camera or Freestyle Photo, in person.

B-9 11-13-2018 08:54


Originally Posted by Scapevision (Post 2847781)
Douchetown, i mean, Downtown Camera in Toronto. Most film friendly place after introducing their film club program. 25% off Kodak.

Searched them on google, cool wall of cameras in there I see.

I get film everywhere except the store. Craigslist-Facebook-Ebay are my tops. Sometimes a good deal pops up in the classifieds here.

predicolous 11-13-2018 09:41

For Germany:

unbeatable prices : )

lxmike 11-13-2018 12:04

I bought 50 rolls of Vista 200 from pound world, (1 a roll), now discontinued at pound world, but usually from Evilbay, in the past, 70's on wards at photo retailers, (sadly those days where shops were just around the corner are gone).

thawkins 11-18-2018 16:25

Either Freestyle or Garland Camera and Repair in Garland, Tx.

CMur12 11-18-2018 16:42

I like to do business with Glazer's, in Seattle. At least they're in the same state (Washington), and, in the case of film, it doesn't have to travel far in the mail. Plan B is Freestyle.

- Murray

Sega 12-18-2018 16:30

Does anyone have any good up to date UK recommendations?

Had to buy last lot from either Ebay or Amazon as with Vista 200 pulled the Poundland well had ran dry, I've got a cassette loader so don't mind bulk but want to avoid anything with Remjet as I'm still trying to sort a new lab.

wjlapier 12-18-2018 16:44

I've scored some great deals on film at Photrio ( formerly APUG ). I found I can buy film from Japan through Amazon Japan but the same film sometimes is available on eBay. Ebay is the other source. I used to buy film from BHPhoto too.

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