View Full Version : How To Use Olympus XA's A11 Flash?

08-07-2004, 18:54
Well, not even an evening with my new/old Olympus XA / A11 and I am already stumped. It has to do with the flash.

Is there a way to use the flash for fill-flash?

What does the "full" setting on the flash do?


P.S. I have checked some websites but other than mild kvetching about the A11 flash, they didn't have the answer.

P.P.S. I really like the shutter release.

Rich Silfver
08-07-2004, 19:22
I think FAQ F6 addresses that: http://brashear.phys.appstate.edu/lhawkins/photo/xa.faq.html

08-07-2004, 20:40
Thanks for the link - it answers a lot of my questions about the XA, in fact.