View Full Version : quick question: why non-perforated film ?

11-19-2010, 14:34
i just came across this film (http://www.macodirect.de/surv-perforated-13536-p-1932.html), http://www.macodirect.de/surv-perforated-13536-p-1932.html

it is a non-perforated and does not have any sprockets.


Question: What camera uses this ? and why ?

thanks !


11-19-2010, 14:41
I don't know but if that worked in a 35 mm camera the usable negative would be very big, for such a small camera.

11-19-2010, 14:43
I believe some later 35mm cameras can use non-perf film but
don't ask me which ones.

Another use: it possibly could be re-spooled as 828 film for your
Bantam cameras.

Gary E
11-19-2010, 22:00
Not sure about using it in a standard 35mm camera, but I can think it would be nice to use in MF camera with an adapter; like the Yashica 635, Rolleikin and Mamiya 6 & 7 with panoramic adapter.