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08-04-2004, 12:07
Could anyone shot with both the S2 and SP/S3 cameras compare the shutter noise? Is the SP/S3 quieter? The S2 was LOUD, and I didn't keep it (of course, I now have an 85mm CV Nikon 'S' mount I can't really easily use).

Brian Sweeney
08-04-2004, 13:43
The S3 and SP with Cloth shutters seem to be the quietest of the series. The Titanium Foil SP is loder, but not much. The S2 has a "counterbalance" for the shutter, and makes a "unique" noise. My S2's are not as loud as the Canon 7. NONE of these are as quiet as the M3. M3=quiet. Of course, none are as loud as any of the SLR's that I have, even w/o instant return mirror.

I have seen S3 prices falling; but you are still looking at $800 or more for a camera and 50mm F1.4 lens.

08-04-2004, 13:48
It's true that they are expensive cameras, but I did indeed get rid of the the S2 after hearing an "M" fire (and comparing it to my slightly cheaper Kiev 4)

I was considering a new S3, but if it's that loud, I won't do it.

Thanks for the info!

Brian Sweeney
08-05-2004, 02:04
A new S3! That is going to be more than $800! I have not heard one, but I do know the shutter was redesigned. Still, my CLA'd F2's with the mirror locked up is louder than the M3. The M3 is on the same noise level as my Retina IIIS with its Compur shutter.

I have two Nikkor 8.5cm F2's for my Nikon RF's, otherwise I would be tempted. That old lens is really sharp even wide-open.

08-05-2004, 05:12
I have sellers remorse for getting rid of a 85mm Nikkor f/2 LTM lens (with m-adapter) when I shuffled things around. I got rid of a Hexar RF (on which I used to attach that lens) and the lens went soon thereafter. I liked it too, quite a bit. Nice contrast close and wide, good enough for flash, and it let in LOTS of light. I'm looking for another, and someday, I'll have one, though if I can find a GOOD J-9 LTM that focuses well, I may go that route.

With the rumor that CV may make Contax and Nikon to LTM (or better, M) mount, I would happily go that route and forget buying any more Leica lenses.

Again, thanks.