View Full Version : Filters for a Retina Reflex III

Steve Karr
09-21-2010, 20:53
Hi everyone,
Is there a known place to get simple B&W (yellow, green, red) filters for the 50mm f/2.8? The PDF online said they are 32mm.
Is this true and is there a way to add filters to this tiny lens?

I have full sets in 39mm, 40.5mm, 46mm, 52 & 55mm so to reuse these with an adapter would be nice.


PS, are the wide lens for this camera any good? I got the camera at a good price, but if it is not really a great proformer that would be nice to know ...

10-01-2010, 12:52
Kodak calls the filters 32mm, but that's the outside diameter. They actually have a 29.5mm thread.

Filterfind.net has some of these filters, as well as Series V and VI adapters. I saw a yellow at CollectibleCameras.com yesterday.

I've had better luck with eBay--the filters show up fairly often--original Kodak, Walz, Hoya, Vemar, etc.

As far as the quality of the wides, Ivor Matanle in his Classic SLRs book gave the 35/2.8 Schneider 4 stars--his highest rating. The 28/4 Schneider got 3 stars--very good. If you can find it and afford it, I've heard that the Rodenstock Eurygon 30/2.8 is superb.

Brian Sweeney
10-01-2010, 13:13
You can also try to find a 29.5mm filter holder for Series V filters. They are more plentiful on Ebay and camera shows.

You will find it easier to find 58mm filters for the 50/1.9 Xenon, which is a great lens. Usually found inexpensively at Shows and Ebay.

You could get a 58 to 55 step down ring, the 50/1.9 should be fine with it.