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08-30-2010, 12:08

Recently I was lucky to buy a beautiful Retina IIIc with one-range lightmeter (like the III big C) and now I'm very interested in learning more about the Retina series as a whole. Das Retina Buch von Dr. Otto Croy is a standart-edition on this issue and it was published over several years. What will be a proper copy to look for, knowing my camera is from 1957? What will be the most complete copy for these interesting Kodak Retina series?

Regards, Brichma

08-31-2010, 14:21
I have the 1956 edition, and it covers the b and c-models. The later 1962 edition will be more about the rigid and Reflex Retinas. They don't contain information about the earlier models.

09-04-2010, 00:54
I guess JPD is right. The 1962 edition seems to be the latest and most comprehensive edition. It contains information even about the retina-reflex. I found one in the bay (# 310240745669) of course not from me :). Maybe you are interested.



09-05-2010, 00:09
Thank you Udo for the offer, but with the information from you and this forum I just bought a 1956 edition on the Bay for only 1 Euro!

Regards, Brichma

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