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Steve Karr
07-29-2010, 18:46
Hi everyone,
So I was testing a New to me DR yesterday. So I mounted it on my M6ttl with some trans. film to test with.

Shot some distant stuff of the house, closer stuff of pots & flowers. On went the googles ... shot some more of close flowers & stuff.

I went on & off with the goggles for a few reps and today the images of the first distant stuff (fresh mount to the camera) looks sharp and nice. The first close stuff with the goggles looks sharp & nice. But the second and third "normal" range stuff is all soft. Really massively soft.

So .... do I need to do some trickery to re-calabrate the focus linkage? Like spin to infinity after goggles removal, dismount from camera, dance wildly?

Hmmm ....

Thanks in Advance,

07-29-2010, 19:06
Umm, did you push the goggles in all the way?

Also, for the close-up range, the lens is farthest away from the film. I had a problem in winter, where my RF arm was sticking, and not moving out of the camera. I could detect the problem because my RF image stopped moving when I was focusing.

Did you detect your RF image not moving, as you were focusing your lens? If yes, your RF arm might be sticking, and that will adversely impact your focusing.

Another check is to remove your lens, and test the arm movement with your finger, especially very very slowly. When my arm was sticking, if I moved it fast, it was moving fine. But at slow movement (like when moved by the cam), it was sticking.

If the arm is fine, I'd check if the goggles were fully pushed onto the mount.


07-29-2010, 20:10
With the DR you turn the focus ring to the close focus then pull out and turn past the stop. At this position you need the goggles. When switching back to normal focus do the reverse and remove the goggles.

Also when using the goggles be sure it is pushed all the way on..