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07-03-2010, 13:51
I deecided to take just my 4/3rds Panasonic L1 to Biigin Hill Air Fair with a 135 f 3.5 Rokkor and a 45 f2 pancake Rokkor .

The M8 would be useless for airplane photography but the effective 270 , light and compact , was acceptable .

This signalled a return to true manual control - with a tiny tunnel viewfinder reminiscent of a half frame camera .

Exposure set by shutter speed dial , checked against aperture , and effectively left as it was at 1/500 f 5.6 at ' ASA 100 ' [ except for close ups with the 90mm pancake ]
Mostly the 135 was on infinity , making focus redundant , but back on earth , focusing had to be wide open , and stopped down manually as reqired - making the Leica M8 seem a dream of simplicity by comparison .
I loved the challenge , and pressing my familiar Rokkors into service once more .

Mercifully , I am not a ' photographer ' , what mattered was to obliterate much of the noise and confusion inflicting on my ASD , and to capture the Spitfires and Hurricanes which so signify living in Biggin for more than 30 years .
Unfortunately Health and Safety now prohibits the swoop down , Merlin roaring , over our house , in the valley , to appear suddenly over the ' bump '.

We enthuse about equipment - my Pentax K10D,chsen for it's manual facility , being indisposed due to dead battery and charger , so the Pentax manual 80/210 was unuseable [ gotta get a Pentax K 4/3rds adapter ! ]

But this return to effectively , a 1950s SLR , Zenit C , style , with the cost effectiveness of digital , was fascinating ... especially as I realised that a grounding in a primitive Zenit made it all possible .

My M8 is still beyond my capabilities , but with a vintage collapsible Fed ' Tessar ' and tiny CV 35 f2.5 Color Scopar , it provides the familiarity which escapes me with modern cameras .

We may forget that each of us is individual , and that not one camera or interface suits all .



07-03-2010, 14:29
Great story; I'd love to see some of your images as an illustration.