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06-29-2010, 20:02
I just recently purchased a very nice IIF rangefinder with original box, case and manual. For a long time I wasn't attracted to this model, as I felt the built-in AG-1 flash was something I'd never use. Well, I'll probably never use it, but it sure is nicely designed and adds to the charm of the piece.

To my suprise, you can see the shutter speed selected though the rangefinder in addition to the meter reading. It also has a self timer and full speed range down to B (unlike the automatic III). The battery compartment has no corrosion and came with an original (but dead) PX-13 battery and nice Walz UV filter. All in all, a very nice piece to round out my Retina collection and I am anxious to run some film through it. The only thing missing is the "Retina IIF " placard on the top (does anybody have one?).

Having all the functions viewable through the finder will make this an easy Retina rangefinder to use when quick shooting under varying light conditions, and the Xenar 2.8 /45mm is a great lens. Just thought I'd share, as I don't see these being mentioned on the forum much. Bob

06-29-2010, 21:26
My theory is (a) there are not very many non folding Retina fans or (b) they're to busy enjoying taking pictures to post more than occasionally :-).

My personal preference is folding, non metered, boxy and range finder. That pretty much means the Retina II's for 35mm and the Certo 6, Dacora Royal and a couple others for 120's.

06-30-2010, 03:55
I have never held a IIF in my hands but it seems like a more modern version of my IIS. They share the 45mm/2.8 Xenar which is a lovely lens.

10-21-2010, 04:47
How are you feeling about this camera now that you've had it for awhile? I've got one on order from KEH...

11-29-2010, 17:06
I've been away for awhile, thanks for asking about the IIF. Now that I've had my IIF for several months I have had a chance to run some film through it. I like the feel of the camera, but I will say that you need a steady hand when adjusting the aperature, as a small movement causes a significant movement of the exposure meter. Nice being able to see the meter through the viewfinder though, as all the previous Retina rangfinders with meters are set by looking at the top of the camera and then looking through the viewfinder to take the picture. You may notice that your rewind knob is difficult to pull up. This is the one plastic part used, and I found that that shaft going into the film chamber needed to be polished with some fine sandpaper to get it to work properly. For some reason the plastic seems to have swelled a very tiny amount over time and causes the problem. Other than the above issues, it is a beautiful piece, and I love the little pop-up flash door, although I'll never use it, it adds personality to the camera. The Xenar f2.8/45mm lens is a very nice performer, and you will love the results. The through-the-viefinder control of the picture taking process is what makes this Retina stand out from it's predecessors. Of course it still has the nice feel of the alloy body, the last of the breed. Oh, and that Retina fragrance when you raise it up to your eye-I love that too! Bob, he who loves Retinas.

03-08-2012, 08:12
I have the same Retina IIF.
see here: http://kodak.3106.net/index.php?p=216&cam=1381
I bought it last summer in a south German town, in a antique shop for around 20 euro. its every cent worth. i love the feel of it, the satisfiying sound of the shutterselection, the big and clear viewfinder,working meter. once you found the right combination of shutter and aperture, you can see all other combinations, unlike the retinette model a i have.
minor stuff, but also important for ergonomics: you can bound a carrying strap direct on the camera, so you dont need a case (which i have not)
only not so great thing: no hotshoe, but thats ok

Steve M.
03-08-2012, 08:51
I tend to like the Retina Ia folders. Not having a rangefinder makes them very small. However, being able to see the speeds and meter reading in the viewfinder of your IIF is a neat thing.

Your camera's high top reminds me of the Baldas, another underrated non-Leica German camera that gets little love.

03-08-2012, 10:04
Nice to read you are enjoying your IIF. I love mine too, it is the last alloyed body Kodak Retina rangefinder, the S1 & S2 were plastic bodies, really the last of the breed. It does of course, have a flashshoe, but yes, it is lacking the hotshoe connection for the flash. I suspect this is because of the built-in flashbulb feature. The IIF shares some components and styling with the Retina Reflex IV (which does have a hot shoe) also the bottom film counter and rectangular shaped viewfinder. I too, like the meter visible in the window, none of the previous Retina rangefinders had that. It's hard for me to pick my favorite retina, I love them all. My Retina collection includes a Ib, IIa, IIc, IIC (Heligon), IIIC (Heligon), IIIS, automatic III, IIF, Reflex (Heligon), Reflex S, Reflex IV. It all started with the IIC (Heligon) from my Dad that Chris Sherlock suggested I find lenses for, so I blame it on him, I'm hooked! Bob- Attached photo taken with the IIF.