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06-01-2010, 03:47
I just returned from France and wanted to thank all of the people who gave me input/advice on the quantity of film I should bring. I brought more than I originally planned, and shot nearly all of my 120 film ( I think around 45 rolls ). I have less than ten rolls unshot. I only shot about 10 rolls of 135, though ( and ended up with a lot left over ) - I just wasn't into the rangefinder as much as the Rolleiflex.

I did bring three rolls of 3200 ISO film, which I had no trouble in the US ( O'Hare ) getting hand-checked; a hassle in France ( Degaulle - but they did hand check it after I asked if it was airport policy to deny any hand-check request ); and failed in Ireland ( Dublin, the unfortunate connecting flight, where I was told that it could not be hand-checked, despite asking the same questions I asked in Paris ). I was "assured" that that the Irish scanners were calibrated for film with that high of a speed - I plan on looking into the airport's policy on this, however. Hopefully, the film is OK ( but I'm not all that hopeful ).

As far as the Rolleiflex attracting attention - it seemed to. I got several comments/questions from strangers ( in Paris yet ) about it, and actually talked to a fellow ( who I thought by his accent was German ) who was carrying his own ( but I didn't have mine with me at the time! ). I only spotted one other film camera - a Leica M model ( looked like an M6, but I'm not anywhere near an expert in them ). Saw lots of P&S digitals, as well as DSLR's ( naturally ). Saw lots of cool stuff on the trip, a couple of towns/areas that I'd like to go back to, and had a great time shooting ( although my wife got tired of waiting while I reloaded the Rolleiflex: "You already shot a whole roll?" ).

Hopefully I'll get some rolls developed by the end of the weekend and post a few for those who care.


robert blu
06-01-2010, 03:57
Yes, the problem is that we can ask hand-checking for filme, but "they" are the boss and decide what to do. And if you need to catch that flight there is no alternative.
Beside this it seems you had a good time, please post some rollei picture. I'll bring my rolleiflex as well in my next trip to Arles, South France (it was my father's rollei!) and not yet decided if use B&W or colour with it. thatnks for reporting your impression