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back alley
07-22-2004, 15:24
my third industar 61 showed at the door today.

this is also a non ld model.
of the 3 this one is in the nicest shape and it has click stops. it looks very clean, no haze. it is also the stiffest and smoothest of the 3. while it requires the most force to focus (not all that much really) it does'nt bind any where along the way.

so, provided they are comparable in sharpness etc., i think i'll keep the ld with my bessa kit (the ld also has click stops) the latest arrival on the fed 2 and i guess the 3rd one will be a back up.

unless someone here wants it. just pay the postage.


07-23-2004, 08:29
The I-61 (not the L/D) is much better machined and finished lens than the L/D. In fact, the I-61L/D looks somewhat cheap and tinny in comparison.

The stiffness is easy to fix by partially disassembling and lubing the focusing helical. The disassembly is somewhat different than the L/D, and is identical to the I-26M and some of the Jupiter-8's.

Matt Denton's site has instructions for doing this.



back alley
07-23-2004, 15:33
i don't have the nerve to take it apart paul.
if all thumbs were possible i'd have 10 of 'em.
even though i'm tempted because they are so cheap to buy - i know that they would end up in peices and in the garbage.