View Full Version : Bessa R3A with 50mm Summicron DR problem

02-22-2010, 03:42
Ok, so a couple years ago I've bought my first RF- r3a with nokton 40mm, but it was a bit too wide for me, I couldn't focus precisely with it, so I decided to sell it and buy a true leica lens (since the M mount was on of the main reasons for choosing bessa), 50mm summicron was the way to go.

I didn't find anything that it could be wrong, didn't even think about it, and when it arrived. The DR version, I noticed that I can't focus to infinity.

I've googled it, and found out that there are some new bodies, that have the same problem with DR lenses. The focusing ring gets stuck between 10m (25ft) and infinity.

Does anyone tried using it on your bessa? I mean, maybe, it's not a big deal? Maybe If I'd stepped the lens down to ~f5.6 it would be sharp enough? Since I don't think I will be shooting much at infinity, cause most things that I shoot are in the range of 10meters.

Oh, and the focusing ring gets a bit more stiff somewhere between 1.2 ant 1.5 meters, is this also normal?