View Full Version : 35DC calibration

01-21-2010, 07:25
I received a lovely brown paper package on Tuesday containing a beautiful Olympus 35DC.

I'm going to Madrid for the weekend tomorrow and going to leave the OM4Ti at home and use this instead, however I'm starting to have doubts about the rangefinder. I'm sure it's fine, but how does one know if it needs calibrating?

John Hermanson
01-28-2010, 06:37
Sacrifice pictures of a trip on a camera in unknown operating condition? Shoot test roll first. For the rangefinder, focus on something about 80 feet away and the overlapping images should converge there. This does not tell you if actual lens focus is correct though. John

01-29-2010, 07:55

Thanks for getting back to me, I took it away with me anyway and shot 2 rolls so hopefully I'll get them developed tomorrow and see how I got on.

I knew it was a tad foolish but I'm hopeful! The other camera and lens combo just seemed too heavy to carry all day long