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01-19-2010, 10:48
Finally I get developed the first roll made with my new old XA :-)
Just a test roll (a cheap Perutz Primera 200) basically shot in order to evaluate the meter, rangefinder accuracy and light leakage.
Developed and scanned by a lab close to home, just some crop and very little adjustment made in Lightroom directly on the jpeg scans.
I'm pretty happy because of this fantastic camera! :-)


Other pictures of mine:



01-19-2010, 19:44
Nice!!! I haven't shot one of my XAs in quite a while ... maybe I should give it some exercise this weekend. :D

01-19-2010, 20:19
Very impressive. Seems to be no problem with focus or exposure. Is this film a repackaged version of some larger name brand company?

01-19-2010, 20:40
Nice shots ... though a little pincussion distortion on some to my eyes which ssems to be a signature of ultra compact lenses.


01-19-2010, 21:03
Nice work! It's a great little camera. Enjoy, and post more shots!

01-20-2010, 01:07
Thanks guys!
I will confirm that there are no problems at all about focusing or lack of sharpness.
The patch of my rangefinder was very dim and I applied a black patch in the middle of the rangefinder in order to improve the contrast of the splitted image (that helped a lot!).
First picture were taken without the black patch (in fact in the first picture you can see that focusing what not perfect due to my focusing error).
With the black patch applied I found the sharpness very good also at f 2,8.
For this test I have used a chip roll that seems to be produced by Agfa (this is what is reported inside the film box).
If I enlarge at 100% the original scan (about 2000x3000 scanned by the lab) the grain become very easy noticeable and IMHO it's the real limit of the sharpness in this case.
I'm used to have negative scan from the same lab exposed with my Yashica mat 124G (6x6 MF camera with a very sharp lens) and when I use 100 iso films you can really appreciate the very good quality of the scans made by this equipment.
I confirm also the slight pincushion noticeable in some picture, I have not corrected the lens distorsion in this pictures.
About the exposure, I 've exposed all the roll without backlight compensation or iso setting changes (always left at 200) in order to test the reliability of the internal meter.
In some pictures I have introduced a +/-0,5 correction maximum, but just for my taste (with the raw file I usually take with my Nikon D90 quite often I correct the exposure more than this case).
What else?
Yes, the flash shot were taken with a piece of exposed&developed negative color film applied on the flash sensor with trasparent tape and the flash set at 400iso, in order to adjust the flash power with the 200 iso film (I measured before with an external light meter the loss of light caused by this film layer and was slightly more than one stop, so it was perfect for the purpose :-P ).
Last things that remain now to do are to change the light seals on the back (even if there are no leakage at all the seals are now pretty gummy and sticky, I've just received a new set from Jon Godman...) and going on shooting more films! :-)


P.S. a useful trick, I do not know if you guys already know but with the XA you could also have a B mode! Just set the aperture and the focusing you want with the camera mounted on a tripod or simply placed on something steady, then set the bottom switch in the battery check position. At this point you could fire the shutter (the beeper is quite annoying but who cares??), when it's time to close again the shutter just put the switch back in the normal position :-)....here it is your B hidden mode!

02-10-2010, 11:14
Great shots - looks like you have a polarising filter?

02-11-2010, 01:59
Great shots - looks like you have a polarising filter?

Not at all! Nothing added in front of the lens :-)

02-11-2010, 02:37
That XA is a charm!

02-13-2010, 18:32
great shot!. I have had my XA for a while,haven't had chance to test it. the viewfinder is not easy to focus since I am wearing glasses. But I love my the other 2 XA2 and take them with me while I am on the road.

02-13-2010, 19:08
Pic No. 14 looks like a good party! Nice shot of the group and the camera flash seems to have done well. Congrats.

02-14-2010, 11:57
Thanks for the tip on using the battery check for Bulb exposures. However, I'm sorry to report that this doesn't work on all XA cameras. I have three XA cameras. All of them are different (not different models, just different features)! I bought the first one new shortly after they came out. The second and third ones were used. The internal body casting, wind wheel, and rewind lever on the first one is different from the other two. Also the Bulb exposure trick does NOT work on the first model. So I'm sorry to report that early adopters of the XA are SOL ( simply out of luck ?!?!).