View Full Version : Olympus RF users out there?

Rich Silfver
09-13-2003, 14:50
Any other Olympus RF users out there?

In particularly any Olympus 35SP users?

And when I say users I mean people that actually use their cameras to take photos - not JUST having them sit on a shelf ;-)

10-27-2003, 18:40
Yes Mr. Silverberg, I am a long-standing Olympus RF user. I started in 1968 with the 35 LC and have managed to collect at two of every model Olympus produced. I use them on a somewhat regular basis, usually when I'm teaching kids about phtography, but have pretty much settled into carrying the XA with me all the time.

10-28-2003, 21:58
Hi-- I've had my 35RC for 30 years; it replaced a Pen D2 I no longer have, and in turn the 35RC's role was overwhelmed by a Minolta CLE. But I've resolved that the 35RC's days on the shelf should be interrupted by some use! It's off now to the repair shop for new foam, cleaning, and hopefully meter repair. Good intentions!

Rich Silfver
10-29-2003, 00:30
Happy to meet you :-)

Rovnguy, did you even manage to get two Olympus 35UC cameras?

back alley
10-29-2003, 07:20
i still have a working 35rc.
it was my first 'real' camera.
i keep it in my bag.

tho i think that will change when i get my 'new' minolta 7s.