View Full Version : Olympus XA - winding the film too fast?

10-28-2009, 21:51
Just curious, anyone have problems with the shutter not tripping if you wind the film advance too "fast"?

I'm used to the lever-type of film advance on my RFs, so the XA wheel is new to me. I thought I could go machine gun shooting with it and just turn that wheel real fast and rough.

Well when I did that both my newly acquired XA and XA2 refused to fire mid-roll. And I had to open up both cameras to manually trip the shutters, and clean the shutter button assemblies, thinking it was a contacts problem.

Then a friend of mine suggested I turn the wheel nice and smooth, and so far the XA's have been firing consecutive shots.

Well, like I said, just wondering. :D

10-28-2009, 22:51
There is no contact in the XA shutter button. It's some kind of pressure sensitive semiconductor or that sort of thing.
I don't think it's wise to be rough on a 20 y.o. P&S camera... You can do that with an M or an F, but XAs seem to be quite delicate and sensitive to rough handling.

10-30-2009, 00:58
my XA has also jammed up on me quite recently - which is why I, too, recommend a smooth winding action. It is a capable, yet delicate little thing..