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10-26-2009, 11:28
Any members here who can recommend a photo good shop? How about photofinishing and batteries?
Thanks, will be visiting soon.

10-26-2009, 11:55
When I visited in 2001, I wasn't yet into photography. If you want to know about places I'd like to return to... then go to San Telmo and La Boca (only during the day), and beware of people trying to do the mustard trick on you.

Honestly... I cannot recall having seen stores with photography items, though I'm sure you'll find them in Calle Florida (the longest pedestrian street of the city).

mike kim
10-26-2009, 12:37
For cameras and lenses, you'll find many (almost exclusively) camera stores on Libertad and Av. Corrientes, but you won't find anything related to rangefinders there. For rangefinders/TLRs you can go to Antique Cameras on Av. Independencia and Defensa, in San Telmo.

It's worth mentioning that it doesn't really make sense to buy photo gear in Argentina though, as it's usually much more expensive than in the US and online in general. I'd spend the money on food :D

Be sure to go to La Cabrera (Palermo) for ojo de bife; El Cuartito, Las Cuartetas and Guerrin (Downtown) for pizza; Broccolino and Piegari for pasta; El Desnivel (San Telmo) for empanadas. Don't go to the tourist-oriented steakhouses in Costanera. They're mediocre at best, compared to some hidden gems in San Telmo.

10-26-2009, 12:53
For januari/februari 2008

We spent a week in Hostal San Danzas in San Telmo, recomended!
San Telmo is the nicest , most happening, part of BA. Dont mis the milonga on the square or the market. We also ate great lomo de bife at "El Imparcial" a grand old place with grand old waiters. Palermo is great for expensive shopping and I would not visit La Boca again as in tourist trap.

For buying (second hand) gear I agree with mike kim, the shops I visited where more expensive than in Europe!!!

I took my bw film home to devellop so no advice there.

It's a great town, enjoy!

10-26-2009, 13:22
I was in BA about a year ago and loved it. I liked San Telmo a lot, but preferred Palermo for night life and shopping. I guess it depends on what you're looking to do. I'll second the camera places in San Telmo though, and there are some great contemporary art galleries as well.

10-26-2009, 20:11
You're in luck, whitecat: we have a new member from Argentina.

10-26-2009, 20:42
Whitecat, as mentioned photo equipment is more expensive in Buenos Aires than in the U.S.--I'm assuming that you live in the U.S. The shops on calle Libertad, only sell used equipment. The same applies to stores on Lavalle street. The latter sotres shops are actually in a passage connecting Lavalle with Avenida Corrientes. I am not too familiar with shops selling new equipment, it is pointless in view of the prices. There was a store, maybe there still is, on Libertad 434, called Centro Mayorista, in case you need film. They had a good variety, and the prices, at least when I was there, were not too bad. In short, you'll do well to follow the advice of going to good restaurants. La Cabrera, mentioned above, is v. good. Also try Restaurant Ligure, Juncal 855, a very good place in the old style. Ah, and if you want leather goods, go to calle Murllio (Murillo and Malabia, any cabbie will know). Check the quality and workmanship though; too often they leave a lot to be desired. Best regards and have a good trip.

10-27-2009, 05:32
What a fountain of information here. This is one more reason I love this forum. Now I will have to try some of the restaurants mentioned here. I have been to BA before but I will have a different view this time around.

05-28-2011, 12:49
Hello Buenos Aires Rangefinder friends, does anyone know where to purchase 120 film in Buenos Aires? I found 1 roll in one shop but am having trouble tracking it down consistently. Thank you. JT