View Full Version : Odd Shutter Behavior on a IIa

Chris Flurry
09-29-2009, 19:37
Hello i am new to your forum and was hoping you guys could help me with something. I recently purchased my second Retina IIa and was checking it out toady when something odd happened. The Shutter will fire fine unless you switch the flash sync switch from X to M. When the flash synch switch (the green switch on the lens) is in the M mode the shutter clicks but does not fire. Any Ideas? Does this indicate a problem? I think I'll just keep using the camera but it is odd.
Thanks in advance,
Chris Flurry

Chris Flurry
09-29-2009, 20:05
Now the shutter is stuck open at the slower shutter speeds, hmmm looks like I need to send it somewhere. Any recommendations?

Brian Sweeney
09-30-2009, 01:39
Sounds like it needs a good cleaning. You can check with Essex camera in New Jersey.