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09-09-2009, 15:54
I walked into the Good Will store to look for some vinyl to recover one of my Yashica GSNs and I spotted an Olympus XA w/A11 flash for $2.99. Didn't know if it was functioning, but for 2.99 I figured it was worth it, as it looked to be in really nice condition. The clerk told me that if it didn't work bring it back, but for that price I didn't think I'd be out much. Well, when I arrived home, I cleaned it up, cleaned the battery terminals, inserted two batteries and SHAZAM, the meter needle sprang to life, the focusing image appears to be right on, and the flash works. With my senior discount, I actually got it for $2.50. It's in better shape than the XA that I already have, so I swapped flashes and placed my A16 flash on it from my XA2. Oh Happy Day!

smiling gecko
09-09-2009, 16:02
way to go!!

as i am constantly (re)learning from our grand daughter - it is the small things in life that can bring such happiness.



09-09-2009, 16:26
09/09/09 was a great day for you CONGRATULATIONS!!

Great price, great camera, one more reason to keep a keen eye out.

Well done!

B2 (;->

09-09-2009, 16:31
Make sure that you replace those foam seals.

The Olympus XA is a sweet little camera -- another great product from Olympus.

09-11-2009, 05:55
that's another reason why I frequent those stores. I've found some great cameras there.