View Full Version : Calibrating an XA rangefinder

andrew moxom
08-24-2009, 07:40
After receiving a lightly used XA the other day, i checked the RF functions and notcied that at infinifty, the RF square in the viewfinder did not show a fully converged image. I am therefore questioning the accuracy of the RF and want to know if it can be adjusted? That said, anything up close and to about 25 feet seems to look good in that regard in the viewfinder. Am I worrying about nothing, due to DOF at that distance? My concern is whether I should question up close focusing accuracy as a result as well??

any ideas?



09-08-2009, 05:07
I'm glad you posted this, as my XA does exactly the same thing.

John Hermanson
09-08-2009, 06:10
The XA infinity horizontal AND vertical can be adjusted. Same goes for all Olympus RFs including the SP. John, www.zuiko.com

09-08-2009, 15:17
for what it would cost to send it there, I may just live with as a "quirk"

10-14-2009, 19:19
Try Midstate Camera, I sent them a pair of XA's earlier this year. They could only fix one of them, which they charged a flat $60 for. I also asked the tech to recalibrate the meter to read a stop fast, so I could shoot 1600 film (no extra charge). I liked it, but sold it to fund my R3a. They're very good about communication, although the Oly tech isn't full-time so the turnaround is maybe 1-2 weeks.

I just picked up a beater XA for $10 that I may send them to fix, I haven't gone outside to check it at infinity but at "2.8ft" on the distance scale it's more like 6' on the rangefinder. The aperture lever is also pretty screwed up, it's very difficult to move from f/8 to f/4. Other than that the meter and shutter speeds are fine, at least.

CK Dexter Haven
10-14-2009, 19:39
I bought a used XA once. When i tested it, the images were soft, and i attributed it to the RF being out of calibration. But i don't recall checking infinity for patch convergence. If the images don't align, i would not trust the focus.

John Hermanson
10-24-2009, 12:24
There is a tiny black metal disc glued inside at the film plane just above the top rail. Pop this disc out. The screw inside is for side to side infinity adjustment. Infinity with the 35mm lens should be 70 feet of so. Anything on the horizon is fine. The up-down adjustment is found inside the rangefinder. Its one of the lenses in teh middle with what looks like gear teeth around it. Grip the wheel with the proper too and turn either way. John