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06-15-2005, 12:02
Oh boy does CS2 make my life easier!! If any of you chaps are having trouble processing your raw files I highly reccomend getting Photoshop CS2. "Bridge" is the way!! Batch processing is great, automated features a godsend for contact sheet printing etc. Blazingly fast too.
I'm extracting more info and detail than when i was using the epson raw converter (which is good in its own right).
I guess I must qualify the above with the fact that I've also upgraded to a G5 imac but whatever... CS2 is fantastic and well worth the upgrade.

06-15-2005, 13:12
Hmmm, I've got the 30-day demo but haven't tried raw conversion yet. Can you explain how the "Bridge" facilitates raw conversion? I thought it was just for interapplication communication.

06-15-2005, 13:58
The built-in raw converter previews and automatically batch processes ERF very quickly and effeciciently. Within 5 seconds of opening a folder of ERF's from my P2000 I can see large or small thumbs of optimised RAW files. After reviewing each file, or batch processing contact sheets I open up files of interest and the built-in RAW processor opens the ERF almost instantaneously. Adjustments and controls are more advanced than the EPSON RAW coverter or other's I've used. It's saving me bags of time and now shooting raw is no longer causing a laborious processing procedure.
I leave the sharpening to "Expert PhotoKit shapener" and "neat image" if I want to reduce "noise" but I've started to prefer the native Epson "grain" in many instances.
CS2 noise reduction has improved too and there are some other excellent additions but this is not a review. Overall the biggest bonus is "bridge" and the huge time savings and extra controls in regard to RAW conversion-processing.