View Full Version : Mju - rediscovered

07-29-2009, 16:06

Hi- I have recently uncovered my old mju (first version) and I have rediscovered what a fantastic design this camera represented back nearly 20 years ago.

This stunning camera was another design from Yoshihisa Maitani of Olympus, following on from the Pen, OM1, and XA. A design triumph, this particular mju has been with me since about 1991. It has been well-traveled, without the benefit of a case surviving a wet and humid season during a very tropical Thursday Island (between Australia and New Guinea) work stint. It still works beautifully, especially considering the battery has been it for about 5 years. I love Olympus compacts. I must find some negs to scan and post one image shot with this camera that I rememebr vividly.

This has led me to unearth my other Olymus film compacts. I can feel a GAS attack starting to brew up....

Here's another pearl - my Olympus XA2: