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06-12-2005, 13:46
I dont know if some of the tech guys at Epson is reading this forum but i give it a try anyway, because this is really important to me and all the other Mac/R-D1 users out there... Maybe the Window's user's aswell...!!

Hi Epson

Is it possible for you guys to provide/make the same film profiles for Adobe
ACR 3.1 as the one used in the Epson PhotoRaw, the different ones are:

1. As shot (It would be great if you could provide the exif wich tells ACR like
PhotoRaw if the image was shot in B&W or in Color..)
2. Color -5/+5 Edgenhance -5/+5 Contrast -5/+5 Sat -5/+5 Tint -5/+5
3. Black&White 5/+5 Edgenhance -5/+5 Contrast + the filters
4. Sepia
5. Vivid -5/+5 Edgenhance -5/+5 Contrast -5/+5 Sat -5/+5 Tint -5/+5

Since you can't provide a "standalone" app/PhotoRaw for the Mac platform
there no way to batch process files, and the workflow with the plug-in is a real pain to use, i did a job the other day wich included 450 raw files with
my R-D1, some in color and some in black & white, and it took me almost a full day work only to convert the files with the prefered settings, and no, shooting JPG is not and option, the raw files is just soooo much better...

I have tried to make my own profiles for ACR with ok results but it still misses the punch i/we get from the PhotoRaw Plug-in...

Either this or a new version of the PhotoRaw software for the Mac platform, wich includes batch process, and hopefully (Really important...!!) the same
conversion that's used in the plug-in we use today, this is by far the
best B&W and color conversion tool for the R-D1, so dont change the
parameters used in the plug-in....

Please, please, help us by providing this update/or profiles, if not
we can all convert back to film again, because that would actually save us time...

Best Regards from an ALMOST satisfied R-D1 Shooter...

06-12-2005, 22:14
Actually there ARE a few standalone batch conversion applications for Mac. (Yes, I wish Epson would include one free, as they do with the Windows version, but at least there are alternatives.)

The one I like is Raw Developer, from Iridient Digital. Its image parameters aren't named the same way as the ones in the Epson plug-in (Color -5/+5 etc.) -- but they seem to give you just as much control, and once you've got settings that produce an effect you like, you can save it as a preset that you can recall later. If you're going to be shooting these 400+raw-file jobs routinely, it would definitely be worth your while to check out!

See some of the past threads in the R-D 1 forum for raw workflow tips that have worked for other users...

06-13-2005, 04:17
Thanks for reply...

I know of this converters, but since i work mainly 95% B&W the other converters just dont cut it, it's not possible for some reason to make your own black and white conversions that look as good as the one you get from PhotoRaw, thats's the problem,
for everything else the ACR converter works just fine, even doe i think even the colors
from the PhotoRaw looks better...
I tried for some time now to make conversion profiles for ACR with ok results, but while its almost a perfect match for some pictures it looks completly off in others, so the PhotoRaw converter uses some sort of info from the raw files to recognize and convert the files wich other converters just dont get...?

So i keep on using this sorry excuse for a converter, (WITH IT'S AMAZING INTERPRETATIONS OF THE R-D1'S FILE CONTENT...)

Hope there will be some upgrades for this soon...