View Full Version : Anybody hear from Chris Sherlock lately?

07-17-2009, 15:22
I emailed him about some Retina parts but have not heard back from him..

Is he still around??

07-17-2009, 21:50
This time last year, he was on vacation for a few weeks. Some folks always go on holiday the same time every year--maybe that's it?

10-10-2009, 11:27
I too, am a bit concerned about Chris, I hope he's OK. He has a Reflex S and lens I sent him for service in early July '09, and have not had my emails returned since that time. This is not typical for Chris, he's usually very good about responding. If anybody hears anything please post an update as will I. Bob 10/10/09

11-04-2009, 13:14
Just got an email back from Chris Sherlock and he assured me he is fine. He said he's been busy with other things and is challenged by the Reflex S he has of mine. The camera has a strange intermitant problem that comes back periodically but not often enough to pin down. I assured him I was a ptient man and I appreciated his taking the time to get it right. Bob 11-14-09