View Full Version : Introduction & R-D1 size comparison

06-09-2005, 12:13
Hi everyone,

Now that I have an R-D1 in hand I thought I would de-lurk and actually post something. All the forums here are great; I hope to learn more and maybe contribute occasionally too.

Here's a graph that compares the various interchangeable lens digital cameras... in terms of size relative to the Epson (based on published l x w x h and weight). Not too useful, but gives some idea of the potential "subject intimidation factor" of the different cameras.


I recently returned to photography after a long hiatus, and now can't understand what took me so long. I've pared my cameras down to the R-D1 (beauty) and a Canon 1D (beast), and am finding that the two complement one another very nicely.



06-09-2005, 14:40
Contender, I think that may be a heavyweight champion! (Maybe not undisputed though... some of those early Kodak DSLRs were monsters.)