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05-12-2009, 03:24
I read to my enjoyment the stories about great free or nearly free
equipment in the thread that Roger started.
I try to stay in the same easy going mood as I don't mean it to be a collection of rants.
Why don't we hear now some stories about things rdiculously
presented as "rare" combined with ridiculously high prices.
One criterium these stories could contain is also the way of courteously declining such an offer.
Being known for my photgraphic habit I was offered over
the years "old and rare Cameras" but not for free but for rather princely sums:

- An "old very rare camera for collectors" which was a Canon AE1 for 400 € (this guy worked with me, did he think I was embezzling company money big time?)
- a voigtländer vito for about 200 €
- a professional camera with it's original lenses for 300€ which turned out to be a Praktica with two third party lenses.

My excuses: "too bad I am not into it any more"; "I already have that one"
and once "Are you serious?"

Roger Hicks
05-12-2009, 03:28
A really nasty, cheap, French stereo at a vide-grenier for 500€. Even on the Boulevard de la Photographie they'd not have asked over 200€.

A polite, but disbelieving, shake of the head.



05-12-2009, 03:44
I laugh when I see AE-1's listed as "antique" or "rare". Though I do have a soft spot for them, being the camera that introduced photography to me as something more than point-and-shoot vacation snaps. (I've still got mine, which was previously my mother's, and its not much older than myself.)

The most outrageous offer I ever had was in an inkley's store, back when they still sold things like photo paper, which was the only reason I was there at all. I had my venerable nikon F2 (no meter) with me, as I was in the middle of an assignment for my class. The salesman clucked about the sorry state of my camera, and offered to "upgrade" it on a trade-in for a truly "professional" camera. A point and shoot auto-everything all-in-wonder. (which may have been APS) As I recall, he didn't let up until I paid for my purchases and skedaddled.

05-12-2009, 03:53
"which may have been APS"
Well then it would have been a camera with rare film by now ;o9