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05-11-2009, 09:55
Hi all,
I wonder if someone could point me in a right direction.
I have an Oly DC that I decided to clean out. I took off the front ring on the lens, focus ring, shutter assy and focus rings - goldish(brass) and a inside, silver colour one with larger thread, so I could get to rear element. All this while wires are still attached. Well, now that I have cleaned out the rear glass, I'm not sure how to assemble focusing rings, so that it'll focus correct in the end - does the brass one (outer and thinner one) have to be screwed in all the way before I try to screw silver one with larger thread inside of it? Or is there specific position? I'm trying to get this done w/o having to cut the wires, so it's a bit uncomfortable.
Anyway, any help, tips would be appreciated.

John Hermanson
05-11-2009, 15:09
The focus helicoid can be re-engaged in 4 or 5 different starting points. Each one lands the lens focus at a different infinity focus position in relation to where the focus ring was. It would have been best to mark where the helicoid came apart. You've got yourself a real puzzle and would need a focus collimator to reset lens infinity focus. John, www.zuiko.com

05-11-2009, 15:19
Thanks John.
Any ideas/suggestions what I can try, short of sending it to you? ;)