View Full Version : Color pictures with the RD-1.

Doc William
05-30-2005, 15:53
Hey gang,
I've received a few private messages asking how the RD-1 works with color images. Evidently a majority of the owners have mainly B&W work in their galleries.
So I figured I'd give mine a real test yesterday at San Francisco's Carnaval Parade and Festival (we do ours over Memorial weekend). The parade courses through our historical Mission district and celebrates all Latin and Carribean cultures.
I showed up at the staging area for the parade and had an absolute blast, it truly was color overload (a photographers dream).

So put on your sandals, pour a cold Caipirhnia and turn up the mambo (real loud) before visiting my site (http://homepage.mac.com/wpalank/PhotoAlbum6.html) .

bill ;)

Sean Reid
05-30-2005, 17:09
Well, that certainly is lovely color. Sorry I missed the party!



05-30-2005, 17:39
Wow, that looks like a great time. Super color too. Straight resizes from the camera or tweaked a bit?

My RD-1 comes tomorrow. I can't wait.

Thanks, Charlie