View Full Version : Kiev-2 is German camera

06-18-2004, 14:26
I just received a Kiev-2 from the Ukraine. My first one. I already have 2 Kiev-4A's and one Kiev-4. There is no comparison in quality! The Kiev-2 is much smoother and better built. The shutter is quieter. It is clearly a grade-up in quality from the 4 series.

This camera is from late in the original Kiev-2 series. It has the dual script logo, "Made in the USSR" (in English) and no flash sync. If I had handled it blind folded, I would thought that it was a Contax. I can see why some people say that this camera is a German camera made in the USSR.

If you like this style of camera and have only Kiev 4's and 4A's, I highly recommend that you try a Kiev-2 or 3.


06-18-2004, 20:52
Hmm, Paul you make it a tempting idea! I have a couple of 4A cameras, but have admired the Russian-only Kiev named ones.

06-19-2004, 11:35
I have a 1965 Kiev 4a that is very well finished, smooth, and a delight to use. I find it hard to imagine that earlier models could be that much better, although I have heard many people saying this.

06-20-2004, 17:03
I also have a couple of Kiev 4's and yes the Kiev-2 I picked up is by far the better built camera. The one I have was built in 56, what year was yours built?

06-21-2004, 13:24

I think it has authentic "Zeiss" bumps on thte back too.


06-23-2004, 17:37
My case may be a bit strange, I have a K2 and a 4a, both recently serviced by Oleg, and a 4am that I bought directly from eBay, no CLA (that I know), and from the supposed to be worst year, 1981.

Here are my 2 cents:

- The unsynced K-2 has the (by far) smoothest winding I've yet tried in knob winding cameras. The thing really winds like warm butter.

- The K4a has the greatest shutter release of the three, the touch of the button is simply perfect, and helps keeping your camera firmly in place when taking the pic. Winding is also smooth, but not as 'silky' as on the K2. The finder is a tad bright than the one on the 2, even though that may be an indicator of the K2 age.

- The 4am (curiously) operates really well, but probably the best part of it is the focusing, really really smooth. The rest is surprisingly working pretty well.

Overall a great family of cameras, and IMHO, the really important issue may be getting a properly SERVICED one.