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That Guy
06-18-2004, 11:43
What color of finish do you prefer for your cameras? Regardless of what you have now, what would you prefer?

06-18-2004, 19:48
I was going to say I have absolutely no preference as to color... but upon reflection I see a few advantages to silver. Though black looks pretty cool, it's often at a price premium. And the black paint isn't as durable as chrome. The chrome also has a more traditional mechanical machine kind of look, which I like. Still, a good looking black camera has style... :-)

Non-traditional colors like blue, olive, red, pewter, etc have their attractions too I guess... just a bit different. Colored bellows can add charm.

06-18-2004, 20:11
I like black and satin chrome for mechanical cameras like the Oly SP and Nikon FM2 or Minolta SRT 101. Black works for those rubberized bodies like the Nikon F100 or N80. Cameras have been like that since I can remember cameras. Although I have seen some other intresting schemes. Gold plated is cool. But like a gun or sword with engraving all over, I am shure that the beautiful work does not make it operate any better. I really doubt those beautiful presentation pieces ever get used for more than decorating a display case.

06-18-2004, 20:33
My first RF is the Bessa L in black finish as I always like black for my camera. Later when I got my Bessa R2 in olive, I thought it is a very unique color but it attracts too much attention for street work. Now I mainly use my black R2. Much more discreet you see. :D

06-18-2004, 21:11
Black is my favourite for a user, new or even well brassed they all look good to me. Matt/Brushed chrome on a RF or older SLR does have a real classic look that betters black on some cameras. As for other colours or finishes that get my mouth watering.... the titanium Leica M6 and various Nikons (FM2/T, 35Ti etc..) and the matt black finish found on the older NASA Nikons... MMMmmm.. very nice but out of my reach.

06-19-2004, 02:44
Mi initial preference years ago was chrome, as Doug said, they just looked 'more mechanical'.
Later I got my worn Minolta SRT 303 (they only had one used body and it was black), things began to change...
Long after that, my first chrome camera and RF too, the Fed-2 with the aluminium Industar.
First 'assignment' with the fed, a wedding, Sevilla, mid July, 2pm, chapel's courtyard, straight sun over me and my fed. Arg ! sun strikes the aluminium barrel so hard I can't even read the f stop settings ! I am half blinded.
Mental note #1: Better get black lenses. Try to get graduated sunglasses as well.
Yesterday evening, Barcelona University central building, the legendary orange tree courtyard. Fed-2 w/J-8. Shooting candids with the fed in my hand.
Eyes looking at my hand, 'what's that bright thing ? oh, it's a camera! let's run away !!!'.
Mental Note #2: That didn't happen with my black Kiev. Better get black bodies.
Mental Note #3: The fed shutter's loud 'GKKLEP!' makes heads turn to me. Better don't use it in quiet places for candid shots.

Obviously half kidding :p, but the anecdotes are real. Reality is that I like both chrome and black cameras, mainly if we talk about classic ones, which were mostly chrome finished. However, black tends to be more discrete for street shooting, as Peter's photo 'Suspicious looks' clearly shows :D

06-19-2004, 20:24
My favourite colour is off-white with bright red ring so people will move away and let you slip into best spots in crowded public events :D

Just kidding, although it really happened few times.

07-29-2011, 15:37
I really like the Champagne look of Titanium Medal like on my Contax G1.