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03-15-2009, 10:33
Aha ! this time you are surprised !

But no, this is not my newest purchase, nor am I going to buy it. Thisis one of the few times in my life I have not been the photographer but the subject.

As such I must tell our much appreciated bartender that his info is rather poor: http://www.cameraquest.com/OlyGastro.htm

Nowadays, and at least in my personal experience, this interactive camera is connected to a computer producing a lot of pictures - closer to a live video sight than to a "still" camera.

Why I call it "interactive" camera ? because it also serves as a guide to a small loop, intentionally strangling whatever is in its way and shouldn't be. This, and intestine cancer discovery are the reazon de etre of this old Oly, still unchallenged in its niche market.

Like if it was a fashion camera of a dirty porn session, the subject not only must start its own make up some 20 hours earlier, but also get its drug dosis to enable the doc to photograph at will, without the subject mooving too much.

The make up consists of a dedicated wet liquid, attaching you to the toilet room for a long long time and patient work. And what a damn taste ! 15ml + 2 glasses of water, 15ml +2 glasses of water etc, six times untill the photo session.

Now you may ask how the common fellow is supposed to measure 15ml. I really don't know, but in my case I was lucky to use a small darkroom measurer designed for the tiny amounts of Rodinal.

To end this eyewitness story, one thing this outstanding Oly proves, a thing we repeat time and again but never really learn: It is never the camera, but the photographer. God save you if you fall to the wrong one.