View Full Version : new (little) tripod for Retina IIa?

02-25-2009, 21:42
I just got a closeup kit for my IIa and realize I need a new small tripod to use it. My Bilorett is kind of wobbly and not that good for adjustment and my Gitzo is just too much to haul around for such a small camera (might as well take the SLR if I'm going to take such a big tripod)...

anyway, I'm looking for suggestions of really small light tripods. I've seen tourists with some nice little tripods for their digicams that I'm sure will work, I just don't know what they are or where they stock them.


02-26-2009, 04:59
Manfrotto makes a series of tripods that are somewhat lightweight and very sturdy and should work with a Retina IIa nicely.

The problem with lightweight tripods and a Retina IIa, I think, is that the weight of the Retina could cause it to topple if bumped lightly.

The model that I have is the Digi 714SHB. If I were to buy again, I would buy one with a pan head. This one has a ball head, to which I've attached the 3229 tilt head that allows the use of the Manfrotto quick-release plates.

Collapsed, it's about 14 inches in length.

I don't know if it's still made. Manfrotto seems to change its lineup frequently.